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URL Opener is a unique system to open multi URLs at once

URL Opener allows you to open multiple URLs or bulk URLs in seconds. It is a time-saving procedure that allows you to acquire several URLs with only one click. It is a time-saving procedure that allows you to acquire several URLs with only one click. It’s exhausting to open multiple URLs one by one, but that’s no longer the case. After entering the URLs you wish to open, click the “Open All URLs” button. The web page will then open instantly. Isn’t that amazing? Imagine that you want to access 20 pages from 20 websites you already have. Instead of clicking on 20 different links, you just need to paste them all into this one-of-a-kind masterpiece and click the button. Within a matter of seconds, all 20 URLs will be open for you to browse through.

Did we mention that we don’t store your URLs? We care about privacy as much as you. Our thriving, genuine practices show that privacy is important and treated with care. We do not collect any personal information. We don’t want you to sign-up to send spam emails that are useless and go straight to the trash. Our advertising partner and we only collect user statistics to improve the user experience. That’s all!

Why should I use multiple URL openings?

No website in the vast ocean of Internet websites doesn’t serve its purpose. Our multi-URL opener does the same. You may wonder if there are many websites like this and why URLOpener.net is so useful. It’s not difficult to understand why you should choose URLOpener.net over others.
Multiple Browser Support:

URLOpener.net supports multiple browsers. This means that no matter what browser you use, Chrome or Firefox, Mozilla Edge or Safari, or Internet Explorer, this bulk URL opener tool will work seamlessly on all of them. You only need a browser and the URLs you wish to open.

You don’t need to sign up or log in to access certain functionality on other websites that open web URLs. URLOpener does not collect any consumer data. It is free for anyone to use until they are using the Internet.

Fewer ads:

We have fewer ads on our homepage, which is another great quality that makes us stand out. We strive to make the user experience smooth, hence the policy of displaying fewer ads.

Secure and safe:

This webpage can be used to open a large number of URLs at once. There are no restrictions. URLOpener.net is fully secured with HTTPS certification. We don’t store any user data so there’s no risk of them being lost.

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Unlimited websites:

There is no limit to the number of websites that you can open via our web URL opener. It is best to only open 15-20 pages at once so that your browser doesn’t get clogged up with multiple tabs and windows. This will prevent your computer from freezing.
Important note: Our bulk URL opener is also available for web links. It doesn’t matter if it’s a web app, shortened URLs, a website, or another unique system. It will open a web page link, so click on Open all URLs.

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