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If you have ever lost teeth because of gum infection, tooth decay, or traumatic injury, you can relate to having no teeth. Denture therapy is an option that helps retain your eating and appearance and it prevents further damage to your mouth.



With the experience of professional dentists, complete denture prosthodontics requires knowledge of fundamental sciences, biomaterials, occlusion, and aesthetics.

The achievement of a dental procedure is made not just on technical perfection but on the dentist’s experience to relate to patients and follow their needs. The placement of a removable prosthesis produces profound alterations in the oral tissues. Several situations such as mucosal reactions and changes in taste can occur.

Patients should tell their dentist they need a checkup every six months, keep the denture out through sleep, and rinse the denture with a soft brush and soap. Dentures require to be soaked in two percent chlorhexidine as a disinfectant. These factors make dentures beneficial in immunocompromised patients.


Partial dentures are a removable alternative to full dentures. “Some studies state that the duration for partial denture production ranges from five to seven weeks”

The first step in producing a partial denture is designing teeth that use the teeth for support. During this process, the dentist takes an impression of your upper and lower arches so that the fit and appearance can be achieved.

It may take a few more visits and some practice before you get used to your new partial denture. The main thing to know about adjusting to your partial denture is that it is a process for a few people, it can take weeks for them to adapt and the new partial denture can change their eating and speaking habits.


A cantilever bridge is an artificial tooth replacement that resembles a ‘one-size-fits-all’ option that helps to fill in a gap. The material of this device will fit the needs of each individual who suffer the loss of teeth and might require two to three dental appointments to complete.

At your first visit, dental anesthesia will be given to avoid the pain, and equipment like a replacing rubber wall will be deployed, then an impression of your teeth will be taken and sent to the dental lab. On your next visit, your new bridge would replace the temporary one.

Dentures made of metal rods and wires, called cantilever dentures, have many benefits. They can replace and; teeth for eating, speaking, and moving the gums, are less invasive than regular dentures (require little tooth preparations), and often also require less overall care than other types of dentures.


In the case of extreme decay or a tooth that cannot be restored during treatment, immediate dentures are ideal to prevent the shock of being out of teeth. For some patients, implant dentures can offer an alternative when it is not possible to have surgery or dental implants.

The prosthetic procedure begins with taking an impression of your mouth. Once the dentures are ready, the dentist removes the remainder of or damaged tooth.


With all the teeth in your mouth missing, dental implants are a great choice. Implants can provide support for dentures as well as durable fixtures that are easy to remove when necessary. The procedure requires multiple appointments and months of recovery time.

After the procedure, a temporary denture may be required in order to allow enough time for healing. The permanent dental implant is made using a 3D scan of your jaw in your next appointment.

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