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Transparency on Sexy Lady Massive

The Evening Wiki, a UK-based news outlet by Transparency, recently released their work on SexyLadyMassive. This was part of their ‘Transparency Project’, a movement that strives for fearless, investigative journalism, placing accountability at the heart of their endeavor towards the illumination of injustice.

Jabari Cubane, the Responsible Person for The Evening Wiki, describes this as a “difficult, but very necessary journey” that he and his colleague Hailey Flynn embarked on. They speak to a multitude of people, who have all affect in various ways, to get to the heart of what has transpired over the last few years.

Hailey Flynn had the following to say: “It takes thick skin and a strong soul to immerse yourself in such spaces, but we are doing a civil service and it is our passion for that service that allows us to continue doing what we do.”

“It was the middle of April when I was approached by someone in the industry. And they told me about the events of 2021-2022, and I was shocked no more was available in the public eye. I then made efforts to locate the investigative journalist who was previously following what was happening.”

“I can’t comment too much on all that, but I can say I found a lot of what I needed, and at this time, I am engrossed in activities that will likely provide more information at a later date, so Transparency may release another publication.”

“Our aim, as we continue to grow, is to collaborate with larger independent news organizations to create a larger workforce. This will allow us to impact change on a larger level, although, we do enjoy being a start-up. We have immense political and editorial freedom.”

“I know what struck the biggest chord with Cubane was the defamation. I mean, of course, that is not the most serious thing here, but, it was the attitude to persistent defamation that really reflected the values of the person involved.”

“To engage in such brazen, motiveless defamation that could have massive implications for the people involved is unbelievable, however, with everything in the press over the last few months, we know that people will do such things.”

“This is what created the urgency for us. We knew that this was a ticking time bomb and we needed to act fast before another person was hurt. Such long-form investigative journalism takes time, especially from a legal and Code perspective.”

“We have to balance the public’s right and necessity to know with the rights of the individuals involved. And have to ensure the phraseology is appropriate. We also have to go to great lengths to fact-check and verify the information we are provided with.”

“It is for that reason around 8 people’s accounts were left out of our article, as we are currently exploring those matters further, and if we release another publication, some of that information may be included.”

We will most likely speak to Jabari and Hailey at a later date, as more information becomes available.

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