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TP-Link AX1500 Extender Setup

So here we’ll briefly explain how to set up the TPLINK AX1500  Extender but firstly we’ll discuss what is TP-LINK AX1500  Extender Setup. TP-LINK  WIFI  EXTENDER  is the key or we can say that it is a solution for no connectivity of your wireless network. It provides uniform wireless connectivity to all of your devices throughout your assumptions.

If you want to set up your TP-LINK AX1500  EXTENDER and don’t know how to perform TP LINK AX1500  extender setup, then you’re on the right page. Here we’ll tell you each and every step-by-step information regarding TP LINK AX1500  EXTENDER SETUP.


Follow the steps given below to set up the TP-LINK AX1500 Extender Setup:

  • Power on your extender.
  • Put your Wi-Fi range extender in the power outlet near the wireless router. Be sure that they are an adequate distance apart so that they can communicate easily.
  • Secondly switch on your device and wait for some time so that it can boot up and also wait for the LED light to blink.
  • Now connect your system to the device’s local network.
  • Now go to the WIFI settings menu on your device and search for the available WIFI network.
  • Choose the name of the Wi-Fi network and tap on the connect button.
  • Once the system has connected to the extender then you will get a notification about the successful internet connection.
  • You can also use a wired connection to connect your system only if you want.

TP-Link  AX1500 extender setup using Tether App

  • Install the TP-LINK AX1500 Extender Setup on your mobile phone.
  • Make sure that the TP-LINK that you are installing should be running on the latest version.
  • Launch the Tether App after it has been installed, then sign in to the TP-Link account with a TP-Link ID. You can select the Signup button on the screen if you don’t have one.
  • After that, you can log into the device using the TP-Link ID. Range Extender is the option you should choose after tapping the Plus icon in the upper-right corner.
  • For help configuring your wireless range extender, check the app instructions.
  • Your TP-Link RE505X extender can be relocated after installation and configuration.
  • Enjoy seamless internet access by connecting your wireless devices to the extender network.


WPS METHOD which is an abbreviation of Wi-Fi protected setup. It shows the connection of a Wi-Fi device to a safe wireless network. Here we will show how to set up TP LINK AX1500 Extender Setup by WPS method.

  • Firstly, find the WPS button on your model.
  • Operate the web browser on the model.
  • After that type your login info. And wait for the LED lights to blink.
  • Press the login button and your TP LINK AX1500 Extender setup is successfully connected.

Simply open the Wi-Fi settings menu on your device or computer and search for the network name with the _EXT suffix to join the extender network right away. The range extender can now be moved to the area where you want to use the network.


  • Open a browser on your connected device or computer, type tplinkrepeater.net in the address box, then hit Enter.
  • Alternatively, you can use the IP address
  • Utilize the TP-Link ID information to get into the setup wizard. Enter your login information and click the Login button on the tp-link extender login screen.
  • The setup wizard for the tp-link extender will now be accessible to you.
  • The wireless networks in the area will be listed after the setup wizard has searched for them and found them.
  • Choose the name of the wireless network to which you want to connect to and then tap the connect button.
  • Enter the necessary information, including the network SSID and the password you want to use for your network bands, on the following screen.
  • Once everything is set up, select Next.
  • Configure your Tp-Link extender’s device settings from the following window, including the login and password, then click Next once more.
  • You will now get a summary of the network and device settings you just set up on the final configuration screen. Review the information again before clicking Finish.

So if you have any queries regarding TP LINK AX1500 EXTENDER SETUP  then feel free to contact us on our toll-free number or via live chat with our experts.


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