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Top Factors to Consider When Finding an HDB Renovation Contractor

Are you planning to give your house a new look?

Well, then it is a great decision to get rid of the boredom of looking at the same old walls and furniture. However, renovation of the house requires good management and financial investment. It is crucial to hire a credible remodeling contractor to achieve the desired result. Thus you can rely on HDB renovation contractors for styling the house. 

No doubt, every HDB contractor is licensed by the government but it is a critical decision to choose the finest one. We have listed some important points that will help you select a contractor suitable for your renovation project. Read them to know more.

How To Choose The Best HDB Renovation Contractor?

Well, many factors are listed below to make the selection easier while choosing the renovation professional. If you look for these qualities in a contractor, you will get the latest and classy transformation of the house. One with experience and expertise can make this happen. Check the various factors below:

Work Experience

The experience of the contractor tells a lot about their knowledge in this field. Additionally, it is the foremost thing to look for in a professional to get assured of their work quality. 

For instance; when an individual hires an expert to renovate the house, they usually check on many contractors along with their experience. It is very important to be aware of a few facts such as:

  • How long has the company been working in this field?
  • Expertise to accomplish the complicated layouts
  • Ask the contractor if they have ever done the type of renovation you expect?

Obviously, a person having an experience of many years is always preferred over an amateur contractor. The reason behind this is only the skills that the professional holds and the capability to tackle every situation effectively. Whereas the inexperienced contractor possesses only the ability to perform what they have been taught and are unable to handle the complicated projects. 

So when you gather all the above-listed information,  it will give you the satisfaction that you are investing in a good company.

Portfolio of the contractor

One of the best ways to predict how the house will look is to check the projects completed by the company. Definitely, in every business, experienced professionals keep their portfolios ready to showcase their masterpieces or work done. In the same vein, every good contractor has videos or images of the project on which they have worked.

Moreover, the client should always ask for the portfolio to be sure if the professional can fulfill their requirement. Also, enquire if the company has completed projects similar to yours, to decide if the firm is a good choice for remodeling or not. 

Above all, it will help you to judge the quality of work of the HDB contractor. 

Cost estimation

Of course, the homeowners should check many companies to get the quotation for their house. This is because people save money their whole lives and wish to know how it will be used. Usually, the renovation agency that offers low cost is preferred highly but it does not assure the quality. Because, many agencies cut the cost by using a low-quality material.

Therefore, ask the contractor to list down all the brands and costs of appliances, products, or other accessories that will be used. It is necessary to be open to other costs such as labor taxes, permits, etc.

Previous client’s review

No doubt, word of mouth plays a crucial role in convincing your mind about the credibility of the resource. Positively, you can do research on the website of the residential contractor when you have to remodel your home. You will find many reviews submitted by the clients and also the images of their house showing after the transformation.

Reference from near and dear

Another source of information is your friends and family who got their homes renovated by the same contractor. The people close to you can give accurate feedback about their work and if they achieved their desired result. Moreover, you can visit their house to check the work by yourself and see what difference they bought after the renovation.

Skilled Labor

Usually, every HDB-certified agency hires a qualified and skilled employee. These professionals are recruited on the basis of their skills and ability to undertake all the complicated projects. Positively, the workers are the ones who actually do the job. So it is advisable to examine the employee’s behavior and performance prior to signing a contract.

Additional Information

Though there are many factors to consider before finalizing an HDB renovation contractor. But, it is very important to discuss your feelings about it with the family as you are the one who lives there. Check below the points to think about while home renovation:

  • It is very crucial to know for how long you are planning to reside in the same house before investing money in its renovation.
  • You need to be very careful while the house is transforming. There are many hidden charges and wastage of supplies. Keep track of every penny being spent to maintain the budget.
  • If there is any confusion with the cost estimation, it’s better to step back and analyze the choice again. Make sure you sign a contract when every term and condition is being fulfilled but not for the sake of reference from your friend.


Lastly, it is very important to invest money in a reputed renovation company to fetch the desired outcome. Every individual wants their house to look elegant after the renovation. However, few have complete ideas of how they want their house to be after checking google. Whereas, some people may not be able to do extra efforts to search for house transformation suggestions. So it is necessary to get in touch with an experienced contractor who can understand the requirement.

Hopefully, the article has provided all the features to look for in an HDB contractor to invest in the right company when planning to renovate the house. For more information, feel free to get in touch.

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