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Top 7 Restaurant Software in India 2022

Restaurant software for restaurants in India allows you to modify the software to suit the requirements of your business. This means that you’ll be able to reach your goals in a short time and will aid in expanding your business. We’ve compiled an inventory that includes the best 7 restaurant software in India. Our team will assist you to select which one is the Best Restaurant Management Software in 2021.

This Restaurant Management Software can be an asset for restaurants, cafes bars, restaurants, and any other establishment that serves food or drinks. The system provides a variety of options to the F&B industry, which makes it easier and speeds up their process. The top software for managing restaurant operations in India keeps track of salaries, stocks as well as attendance, and orders. Restaurant owners who operate multiple outlets can consolidate their operations and information on a single platform and evaluate the performance.

Restaurant software for restaurants in India allows you to modify the program to meet the requirements of your business. This means that you can reach your goals in a short time and help with expanding your business. Many software companies are available on the market, however, it is essential to select the most suitable one.

Top 7 Restaurant Software in India 2022

  1. Petpooja
  2. Chefdesk
  3. DinePlan
  4. Eatlot
  5. eZee The Optimus
  6. Innkey PMS
  7. GOFRUGAL Restaurant POS


Petpooja is a one-stop foodservice POS management Software that’s simple, efficient, and efficient. It includes everything you require to improve customer service and to process orders swiftly. It also integrates with all the software tools you utilize and accepts all types of payment. Additionally, you can modify the software so that it can meet your customers’ needs and meet your goals quicker. The software for restaurants in India can help simplify the work of each department of your company. The implementation of PetPooja can boost the efficiency of your staff.


  • Multiple printers.
  • Management of inventory.
  • Integration of online food delivery.
  • Split bills.
  • Table management.
  • Management of employees.
  • Control of expenses.
  • Chain management.


Chefdesk is a full Restaurant POS Software for restaurants in India. The program allows your restaurant to handle crowds easily and with effectiveness to boost sales. Fast and precise handling of the orders can be the most effective method to improve the experience of customers. Particularly the majority of theme park owners use this method in their operations to handle orders swiftly. It’s a cloud-based software for managing restaurants which you can use at one outlet or at multiple outlets.


  • Billing.
  • Management of inventory.
  • Manage your cash.
  • Program to reward loyalty.
  • Management of performance.
  • Combo provides.


DinePlan is a complete restaurant software program in India that is capable of managing complicated operations. In addition, the program can adapt to the requirements of your business any restaurant kind with its flexible features. It aids restaurant owners to change their kitchens from traditional to internet-based ones. DinePlan includes seven different products that help manage the modern-day restaurant’s business. It is one of the most effective restaurant management systems that allow you to manage various transactions effortlessly.


  • A POS that is interactive and easy to use.
  • Analytics of sales.
  • Well-connected kitchen displays.
  • Integrate Food Delivery applications.
  • Centralized servers.


Eatlot is among the top restaurant management software that is available in India which allows you to manage your business easily. It’s an all-inclusive solution that can manage your inventory, finances, and information from any location anytime. The software allows you to consolidate all of your teams on a single platform to streamline the process. It assists in tracking the performance of employees which helps to make the right decisions to grow your business. Eatlot is an online restaurant billing system that can be adapted to the needs of your business efficiently.


  • Calculate the operating expense.
  • Real-time delivery tracking.
  • Integrating seamlessly with third-party providers.
  • GST is compliant.
  • Management of finances.
  • Digital menu.
  • QR support.
  • Financial management and stock management.

eZee The Optimus

eZee The Optim out provides a restaurant-specific online POS solution that’s user-friendly and cost-effective. In addition, the software lets your company provide the service of a contactless customer to your customers. It’s a complete and ideal solution for your company to manage all of your operations easily. Additionally, it will streamline and centralize business processes, regardless of size or type.


  • Management of orders.
  • Tracking of orders.
  • Delivery Management.
  • Menu management.
  • Tablet POS.
  • Management of stock and inventory.
  • Cashier shift management.
  • Payments and billing.
  • Customized, real-time, real-time reports.

Innkey PMS

Innkey is a cloud-based restaurant management software with all the features for managing your complete hospitality business. Additionally, the software is integrated with all other programs that you utilize to put everything in one place.

Furthermore, they provide an extremely friendly user interface, which is interactive and easy to use customer support service that responds to your questions in real-time.


  • Point of sale.
  • Stock management.
  • Budget and profit.
  • Reservation management.
  • Finances.
  • Integration is seamless.
  • Banquet management.


The GOFRUGAL restaurant POS software that assists to simplify the operation of the food and beverage industry. It is a comprehensive tool that will help you make more money because it permits you to manage your production according to your order. In addition, the software manages your inventory effectively to minimize the amount of shrinkage and waste. Restaurant business owners are able to see the complete picture of all outlets on the same platform.


  • Create a successful menu.
  • Tools for Customer satisfaction.
  • Control online orders.
  • Table management.
  • Kitchen displays.
  • Recipe management and inventory management.
  • Dynamic pricing.


Limetray is a full-service software to manage restaurants in India that seamlessly connects to online food delivery companies. The restaurant management system can integrate third-party software easier to manage the operation in a central manner.


  • Billing.
  • Management of inventory.
  • Management of orders.
  • Kitchen displays.
  • Mobile apps.
  • Table reservations.


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