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Top 5 Reasons Why is it Worth to Hire Android App Developer

Mobile phone usage has increased exponentially over a few years, opening new, digitized platforms for companies to market and run their business. As a result, many companies identified opportunities to expand their boundaries through mobile applications and build custom mobile applications to cater to their customers.

Android is the most used mobile operating system, sharing more than 60% of the smartphone market. So it would be logical to choose an Android platform for your mobile app development project and hire an android developer.

Reasons why you should hire an Android app developer

Every three out of five smartphone users have an android device. This means you will have better customer exposure and growth in your sales and business if you choose an android operating system to develop your business app. Therefore hiring an Android developer would be beneficial for your business.

If you are still in the dilemma of whether you should hire an Android developer or not, then continue reading. You will find five critical reasons why you should hire an Android app developer.

1. Committed to your project

When it comes to hiring any IT service provider, you have two options. First, you can hire a freelancer, two; you can hire an android app developer from a top mobile app development company.

The latter option is more beneficial for your business. One of the prime benefits of hiring an Android developer from an IT agency is commitment.

Professional mobile app development companies will dedicate their team of Android developers who single-mindedly focus on your app and build robust apps at rapid speed.

2. Rich set of skills

UI and UX design are crucial elements in your app development. If they are done right, your app can thrive in the market.

Similarly, if they don’t get the more attention they deserve, your app will fail to enchant your users and get abandoned by them.

The top mobile app development company features a team of UI/UX designers, Android app developers, and QA testers.

All these experts collaboratively work to deliver you a top-notch mobile app solution and make your business thrive on digital media.

3. Fixed project commercials

When it comes to hiring an Android app developer for app development, the first concern of businesses would be how much it cost.

App development cost highly depends on various factors such as the complexities of your app, features, functionalities, and time it requires to build.

While costs may scare you, if you choose the right mobile app development company from developing countries like India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka, you can hire Android developers at very affordable prices.

Moreover, countries like India have talented developers, so you don’t have to compromise on quality if you choose someone from India.

4. Better security of your business

Android is an open-source platform, making this technology more vulnerable to security breaches and hacker attacks.

Despite Google’s every measure that ensures the utmost security of this platform, it still is not a wholly secured technology.

If you don’t choose the top mobile app development company with a well-earned team of Android app developers, you might put your user’s private data at risk.

A professional Android app developer adheres to best security practices, takes every measure, and goes beyond the limit to make your android app more secure and unbreachable.

5. Access to the latest technology

Another reason to hire an Android developer from a professional android app development company is access to the latest and relevant technologies and trends.

Android developers from IT companies are more likely to be aware of the latest technologies and tools than freelancers.

This is because they are given complete training on Android app development and encouraged to find a good solution to integrate various latest tools and tackle coding problems.

Moreover, using the latest technologies and trends will ensure your app stays relevant for the upcoming age and offers seamless performance on every platform and with every update.


Having a mobile app for a business is crucial in this digital age. And Android is a prevalent mobile app OS; it can be beneficial for your business. The article has briefly discussed how Android is the perfect platform for your app development project and why you should hire an Android developer from a top mobile app development company.

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