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Top 5 Good Luck plants for a Prosperous 2022 Ahead

The selection of plants is dependent on the aesthetics and outlook you want to create within your home. Of course, there is the issue of size and maintenance. One would definitely not want to see a plant wither away as that would create a sense of negativity. Greenery within the household not only adds purity to the air but also wealth, health, and love.

Feng shui is a practice from ancient China which is about balancing the five elements. Plant Represent Wood element. According to feng shui, these are plants that balance elements in the environment.


Philodendron Offers great relaxing feng shui energy. Its heart-shaped leaves represent the fire element that can add positive emotions to an area. Philodendron best cultivates relationships among family members. the best place for this plant is in the southeast or East areas of the home.

Golden Pothos

In Feng Shui, the golden yellow leaves of pothos represent gold bars and bringer of prosperity and wealth. Place it in bright areas with filtered lights to maintain the golden yellow color of its leaves. It is also a very hardy plant that may survive most extreme situations.

Snake Plant

The swordlike leaves of the snake plant represent protection and strength. it is best positioned within the front door. Snake plant provides vibrant and centered energy to a space. It additionally cleans the air and eliminates toxins from the environment.

Jade Plant

Jade Plant is a perfect indoor air purifying plant. Jade Plants are considered to be symbols of good luck and prosperity and are also known as the friendship plant. It is significantly lucky to stay a jade plant at the doorway of the house, though it will be unbroken anyplace.

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo brings happiness, prosperity & peaceful energy into your home. The five components of Nature – air, water, fire, metal, and wood square measure perfect balance during this plant and that’s why there is abundance in each department of life. The East direction is for attracting good healthiness for family members and therefore southeast direction is for attracting money or wealth.

We hear a lot about making our planet greener and doing our job – but are we really doing our job? How are our children doing? What do we teach them about greening the planet? It is always advisable that parents speak first and then expect the next generation to follow in their footsteps. So here is a list of five things you can do with your kids to help make the earth green:

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