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Top 12 local databases for react-native app development

The hot topic at the moment is react-native! React Native development agency as the best option for start-ups enables businesses and start-ups to enter the app market fast and affordably.

Let’s review each of the best local databases individually!

1. Realm

The Realm open-source database can manage massive volumes of data as it is extremely fast. Instead of using SQL Item as its engine, it runs directly on phones or wearable technology.

Key-value stores and object-related mapping are not required for Realm databases. It has been demonstrated that this database is useful for building React Native apps for both iOS and Android.

Realm is a substantially faster object-oriented database when compared to its relational cousin. 

2. Firebase 

Unstructured data in Firebase is kept in a dynamic, non-relational, local schema. The database’s advantages include offline-first support for React Native and data syncing. Firebase supports a variety of storage types. 

However, it functions most effectively when combined with unstructured data formats like documents and JSON.

You can quickly scale your app by integrating Firebase. The software’s scalability enables you to add servers while continuing to use your current ones. Horizontal scalability is another phrase for elastic scaling. 

Elasticity refers to the ease with which new objects can be added and old ones may be removed.

One of the major tech companies today is Google, which creates the Firebase software. They are experts at managing data.

3. SQL Items

It’s a lightweight system that is small, simple to install, and simple to manage. Local SQLite databases are specifically used to hold mobile applications.

it is a React native development company. However, desktop PCs and other devices frequently use the platform.

Databases typically have SQLite engines as their foundation. This SQL engine, in contrast to others, obtains all the necessary data directly from the database entities on the hard disc. This considerably streamlines the query procedure.


We will talk about Pouch DB, a React database, in the part after this. Through the JavaScript API, the Open Source Punch DB offers all CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) activities. Punch DB and React Native can interact very quickly and fluidly.


The ideal database to utilize for RN projects that needs a lot of storage and elasticity is MongoDB. This tool allows you to save data in the JSON documents format, which is perfect for dynamic schemas and very user-friendly.


A relational database with excellent performance, adaptability, and security is MySQL. Today, one of the most common alternatives is a well-known open-source SQL.

The MySQL service is able to manage enormous amounts of complicated data because of its ergonomic structure. 64 indexes are commonly supported by server-side databases, which may hold about 50 million records.

7. Amazon Dynamo DB 

Amazon Dynamo offers both the key-value and document storage paradigms, unlike NoSQL databases. Any significant workload may be handled by the adaptable structure.

In contrast to server-less databases, SQLite databases do not require installation. Additionally, it supports ACID transactions, making it appropriate for enterprise applications. Additionally, because of its access controls and encryption, Amazon Dynamo DB is quite safe. In addition, you can save backup copies of your important data on hundreds of gigabytes of storage.

8. Swift Storage

Swift Storage Native React Database is a regional storage system that enables programmers to save data locally and correctly access it after an app restarts.


This is one of the most efficient, quick, and open-source databases for building React Native applications. The Vasern API is utilized for cloud storage as well as app user synchronizing in addition to being used for local data storage.

10.Berkeley DB

Berkeley DB is an open-source, high-performance backend designed for React Native that gives developers flexibility in how they manage data.

11. Google Cloud Database

The relational DBs can be downloaded, maintained, and used on this platform by app developers thanks to this fully managed DB service. It covers three designs globally: data distribution, multi-cloud, and hybrid apps. Since it is not centralized by a single authority, it does not require many administrators.


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