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Top 10 courses that you can do after 12th Arts

Which course to do after 12th arts? If you have passed from your Inter (12th) Arts side. And now I want to make a good career ahead of you, but you do not understand which course to do next. So today we will tell you 10 courses for the best career, which you can make a good career by doing. You read this post of ours till the end so that no information should be left incomplete from you.

Hello friends, you are very much welcome on our blog website jobalerthindi. On our website, you keep getting to read such posts after 12th arts, which course to do. We try to help you through such posts and if you need any more help or information, then you can definitely tell us by commenting. Today’s parents (parents) think that the career of children is safe and better only in the science side or commerce side. If our children study from the art side. So we all consider them weak in studies. Because we think that the career of those who study arts is not better. But let us tell you that those who study in arts, their career is also better than science and commerce somewhere. Today we will tell you about 10 such courses, whose demand and scope is increasing a lot. What you can do to make your career better.

10 best courses after 12th arts:

1: B.A. [Bachelor of Arts]

If we talk about the arts field, then the most popular and favourite course is ‘B.A. That is, Bachelor of Arts. BA for us after 12th Arts. Best option is to do graduation. B.A. It is a 3 years graduation level course. In which you will get “General B.A.” Or you can do BA by keeping any one subject as the main subject. can do. Eg – B.A. Physiology, B.A. History, B.A.Economics

B.A. Benefits of doing:

  • B.A. The course is easily available in most of the government and private colleges.
  • B.A. The course is not that difficult to read.
  • B.A. After doing the course, you become a graduate, after which you can apply in any graduation level private or government jobs.
  • B.A. After doing the course, it becomes easy for you to do civil preparation (pcs, ias).

2: BBA [Bachelor of business administrative]

BBA course is a better graduation level course after 12th arts. Which you can complete in 3 years. And you can graduate from BBA.

The BBA course focuses on the business administrative and management fields. There are two types of courses in BBA, BBA General and BBA Honours.

In BBA General, there is a common syllabus consisting of all the subjects and in BBA Honours any one subject is chosen as the main.

Benefits of doing BBA

  • After doing BBA, you can do a job in any private or government sector with a good salary.
  • After doing a BBA course you can start your own business.

3: BHM [Bachelor of hotel management]

After 12th Arts you can do BHM Under Graduate course. Hotel management courses after 12th. In this course you are taught about hospitality and management. In this course, how should you make money from people and how can you deal with people well.

Benefits of doing BHM course –

After doing the BHM course, you can easily get the job of airhostess or any management. And the salary is also good.

In the BHM course, you are also taught about marketing, so that you are able to do your own business.

4: BBA in event management

After 12th BBA in event management is a better option to do a graduation level course. In which you are taught about event management. Nowadays, there is a lot of demand for such people who can manage parties and releases well.

Benefits of doing BBA in event management course –

  • After doing a BBA in an event management course, there is a lot of demand in your events market so that you can work with a good salary.
  • After doing this course, you get experience in managing rally and parties. With which you can work with the amount asked for.

5: BFD [Bachelor of fashion designing]

BFD – 3 years graduation is a label course which you can do after 12th arts. Nowadays this course is spreading more in the market. In this you will learn about fashion, if you are interested in fashion designing then you can do this course.

Benefits of doing BFD course –

  • After doing the BFD course you become a fashion specialist.
  • After doing this course you can do a job in fashion media, export house, fashion show management and many such areas.

6: BFA [Bachelor of fine arts]

After 12th Arts, you can do a 3 or 4 years graduation level course as BFA. It is also called BVA [Bachelor of visual arts]. If you have interest in drawing then there is a better course for you. If we talk about the scope of this course, then it is a field of art in which its scope will never end.

Benefits of doing BFA course –

  • This is an art course in which your art is identified. And you can make a better career with your art.
  • After doing this course, you can easily get work with a good salary in sectors like arts studios, educational institutes, advertising companies, fashion houses and product houses.

7: BPA [Bachelor of performing arts]

There is a 3 year graduation level course after 12th. If you have a passion for singing or dancing or acting, then this course is a better choice for you. In this course you are taught the main three arts – Music, Dancing and Drama.

You can specialise in any one of these three arts.

Benefits of doing BPA course –

  • After doing a BPA course, you can become an actor, choreographer, dancer and singer. With which you can become a celebrity.
  • After doing this course you can open your own acting and dancing coaching centre.
  • You can also become a director after doing this course.
  • After doing this course, you can also work in theatre and cinema.

8: BA LLB [Bachelor of arts + LLB]

BA LLB is a 5 years integrated course after 12th Arts in which BA and LLB are combined. You can also do LLB separately but for that your graduation should be complete. But if you have decided in your 12th that after 12th class you have to make a career in low field then you should do BA LLB course.

Benefits of doing BA LLB course –

  • After doing BA LLB course, you become a separate identity in society.
  • After doing BA LLB course, you can do jobs like Lawyer, Public Prosecutor, Legal Advisor and Legal Manager and you can also become a judge.

9: BTTM [Bachelor of travel & tourism management]

BTTM is a 3 year graduation level course after 12th. This course is similar to the Hotel Management course. This is a very popular and demanding course these days. The focus in this course is on tourism and hospitality. In this course, culture tourism, eco tourism, local population tourism and apart from this, hospitality, personal development are taught.

Benefits of doing BTTM course –

After doing BTTM courses, you can do jobs like tourism management and travel consultancy.

10: BJMC [Bachelor of journalism & mass communication]

BJMC course is a 3 year graduation level course after 12th. Nowadays, the most growing field in the growing social media craze is media. That is why if you want to make a career related to news and media, then this is a better course for you.

Benefits of doing BJMC course –

  • After doing this course, you can become a news reporter, magazine writer, media researcher, photojournalist and if you have good skills then you can also become a news anchor.
  • After doing this course, you can earn a lot of money by starting your own YouTube channel or starting a blog.

Friends, in this post, I have told you about 10 best courses after 12th arts, so that you can make a good career by doing your favourite course. If you want any information related to these courses, then you can ask us by commenting. We will try our best to help you.

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