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Tips to take care of your Dog with Arthritis

When it comes to taking care of a pet, especially a dog, you have to consider many things. Raising dogs promotes several medical benefits, such as mental and social health. However, sometimes it can be a strenuous task if you are taking care of the dog for the first time.

Among several other medical morbidities, one of the most common diseases dogs suffer is a chronic degenerative disease often known as Canine osteoarthritis or arthritis. Dogs that are usually older age experience pain in one or more joints in the body. Arthritis usually develops because of obesity, elbow dysplasia, running that increase pressure on joints, hip dysplasia and diabetes.

If your dog is suffering from a similar disease, you must be distressed. As it is not fun to see your best friend suffering from unbearable pain. Still, you don’t have to worry! Apart from medical treatments, you can treat your dog while staying at home. Here are some tips for relieving your dog’s joint pain and reducing inflammation.

Control Your Dog’s Weight

Obesity and excessive weight is a significant contributor to arthritis in dogs. Pet dogs that are morbidly obese are more likely to suffer from canine osteoarthritis or arthritis. The first thing you can do is feed the dogs with the best available food. Also, don’t overfeed the dog and schedule an hourly routine.

Visit a veterinarian main a heath lifestyle for your dog. Moreover, ask for special diets that contain omega-3 fatty acids, glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate. These exclusively sourced foods can help alleviate arthritic symptoms. Redeem Catch coupon code 2022 and help you find the best dog supplements at a discounted price.

Cover Floors For Walkability

When your dog accelerates on a hard surface, it starts losing joint mass and after sometimes your dog starts suffering from arthritic. Mostly houses have hardwood, laminate, ceramic tiles or other slick floors making it more challenging for a dog to run. Replace these hard floors with bath mats, rubber runners, foam mats, and carpet to create a suitable environment for the dog.

If it is impossible to change the floor entirely, replace it where your dogs like to run. Or make your dog wear paw protectors for peace of mind. Regrettably, your dog would certainly hate them as they find it hard to run and trouble walking in them.

Try Massage And Exercise

Whether it’s a human or animal, doing massage is a must thing to do. Massage provides quick relief and can also be effective for long-term therapy. Most Veterinarian recommends massage and exercise before going for proper medical treatment. Massage can be extremely beneficial as it improves blood circulation and increases your dog’s mobility and flexibility.

But it is imperative to know how to do the massage correctly. If you directly pressure your dog’s stiff muscles, it may increase pain. The best way to do it with keep the hands smooth. You may also take assists from a professional dog therapist who understands how to do it.

CBD Oil To Treat Arthritis In Dogs

Most of you have probably never heard of CBD oil. CBD oil is a specially sourced oil used to treat arthritis in dogs. CBD is generally obtained from cannabis and hemp, and then it scientifically undergoes multiple processes to make it usable. So CBD Oil is not just a great treatment for dogs, but humans can also use it to treat various conditions.

However, scientists are divided into two groups with different perspectives on CBD oil. Some recommended it as a great treatment against arthritis. While others are totally against it as it might contain potential side effects. The better advice is to speak to your local veterinarian first before considering CBD oil as a treatment.

Orthopedic Dog Beds

When it comes to taking care of your dog, even spending million is less. Orthopedic dog beds are overly expensive, but they are truly worth the price. Orthopedic dog beds are focused on providing extra relief to arthritis dogs. These beds come with extra cushioning and offer to ease your dog’s joint pain and allow them to stand up and lay down comfortably.

Make sure the bed thickness is at least 4 inches thick, and it has a large area so your dog can stretch out. During the winter season, install a heater near the dog’s bed as it will provide even greater comfort for sore joints.

Blocked-Off Stairways

Never leave your dog open when you are not at home. Your dog will try to climb the stairs that will increase the pain. Makes sure to close the Stairways with the stair gate when the dog is not under your direct supervision.

Take Care of hygiene

It is extremely important to keep Arthritic dogs clean and tidy all the time. Ensure that the nails are well trimmed so it is easy for them to walk. While the longer nails make a problem for your dog to walk. Additionally, Arthritic dogs are unable to clean themselves. So the owner has to keep them clean and remember to be gentle at all times.


Dogs are the best choice for choosing an animal as a pet. They are really helpful and understand humans better. But at the same time, they need extra care and protection. So you make sure to provide them with all. You can check out Catch to get the supplies for your dog. And if you are looking for any specific store then search it on Revounts and save big on your purchase.

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