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Tips For Improving Lifestyle In Pakistan

What do the big cities of Pakistan, including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and others, have in common? The most common issues include heavy traffic and pollution, which negatively affect our lifestyle and the overall environment. Indeed, the lifestyle in Pakistan is gradually deteriorated due to some harsh environmental issues. The global environment performance index (EPI) ranks Pakistan in the category of countries suffering from poor air quality. The most alarming issues are the climatic changes and global warming, putting millions of lives across the country at risk. 

These are just a few issues mentioned earlier. Many problems are affecting Pakistan to a significant extent. Therefore, it is essential to improve our behavior and the overall lifestyle, which is the focal point of this blog. Keep reading! 

Everyone is responsible for improving lifestyle

Governments operating at all levels in Pakistan are responsible for migrating towards smart cities. However, each person is also responsible for improving their lifestyle, especially those living in big cities. People can use the resources they have to build a friendlier lifestyle.

Using alternative bags at the supermarket is a good start the public can ensure. Pakistan consumes at least 55 billion plastic bags annually. Unfortunately, around 65% of the total waste is generated through plastics. The annual usage of plastic bags in Pakistan is expected to increase by 15%.

Plastic bags take centuries to degrade, cause problems in pipes, and affect more than 690 underwater species that mistake them for food. Besides, the useful life of these bags is very short since their usage starts from the manufacturing facility to the supermarket and your home.

So, everyone is responsible for improving lifestyle, and using alternative bags made of paper, cotton, or jute, is the only best approach. 

Civic technology and lifestyle

The way we are citizens impacts our lifestyle. Some Pakistanis have a wrong belief that they are only responsible for going to vote in every election.

The government and the private stakeholders need to promote the construction of informed citizens in Pakistan. The country needs to have a platform responsible for generating technological tools to allow people to get closer to the State. Through it, it will be easy to be aware of various aspects (e.g., budgets), monitor officials’ performance, and understand the ties of power.

There must be “civic technology”, which refers to a trend that takes advantage of Internet technology to stimulate the creation of active citizens.

The national police can promote an app to simplify criminal complaints. The app would receive reports of the most common criminal behaviors so that the process starts within minutes.

These are some proposals that need to be adopted to improve people’s lifestyles in Pakistan.

Leisure also helps

As the time available for ease and relaxation is essential to harmonize your lifestyle, digital applications also allow accessing it more organically.

You can find many platforms on the Web that help users find events around the world. You can get out of your comfort zone and discover activities or membership groups you might not otherwise reach. 

If you are going to a party and know the heavy traffic of the big cities, you might avoid driving and use Uber-like services instead.

Among options you have is to include activities that connect you with the public environment, such as taking a guided tour. If you become a tourist of the bog cities in Pakistan, you will probably be surprised by how beautiful they are. So, leisure also helps to improve your lifestyle because you can make your mind broader.

Final thoughts

The options are endless to improve your lifestyle. The revolution in terms of digital technology will stop new generations from becoming passive consumers. So, the common man should be an active part of the solution, instead of the problem.Pakistan Observer is the authentic source of lifestyle news. We always strive to let you know about everything happening in Pakistan. So, stay with us and keep yourself well-informed!

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