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Tips for effectively cleaning an office bathroom?

Office cleaning involves cleaning the bathrooms. What are the best ways to do it? 

Office cleaning involves cleaning the bathrooms. What are the best ways to do it? It’s an inevitability that you have a task to do, whether it’s a business, an office, or your home.  In today’s cleaning and disinfection article, we tell you all about this topic.


As we have already explained in other articles, one of the most important points of any cleaning task is organization.

Having a good organization is the key to reducing the time to accomplish our tasks.

Our recommendation will be that you organize yourself in the following way:

  • Leave both the bathroom floor and its surfaces clear of objects.
  • Sweep and dust.
  • Clean bathroom tiles, screens, bathtub and mirror.
  • Wash sinks, faucets and bidets.
  • Cleanse the toilet.
  • Clean the floor.
  • Put all the objects back in their place.

It is time to solve the question of how to clean the bathroom effectively, and in the shortest possible time?

By following these tips, you will have a sparkling clean bathroom in no time.


Before cleaning each of the sections of the bathroom, we recommend using different cloths for each surface. We must not pass germs from one place to another.

In addition, we recommend you spray the products on a cloth, and then clean the surfaces with said cloth.

Since, spraying it directly on these, you will waste the product and you may leave stains.

And the first thing you should do after sweeping and dusting is to apply the products since we recommend it to leave them acting once you apply them.

This way the product will soften the dirt and it will be much easier to remove it.

Tip for sweeping and dusting.

It is better to do it with a cloth or a vacuum cleaner than with a broom or a duster; the latter moving the dirt instead of removing it.

Tip for cleaning bathroom tiles.

To clean the tiles quickly, one piece of advice that you should keep in mind is that the larger the cloth, the fewer passes you will need to clean them.

Remember that the cloth must be clean to perform this function.

Clean the bathtub.

Use the shower to rinse off the cleaning product ‌you left on earlier.

For sinks and bidets.

Remove the product that you have left on the faucet and bidet with a clean, dry cloth.

If you cleaned the bathroom tiles with the same cloth you used here, you can use it again for this situation.

Clean the mirror and screens.

Clean the mirror with a specific cloth that removes dirt without scratching it and without leaving shine.

To clean the mirror and screens. We have different window cleaners , but we recommend a quality cleaning agent, which is far and away the best solution on the market today to clean glass, windows, and mirrors.

Of course, when your screen needs an anti-limescale cleaner, we recommend BATHROOM DETERGENT, which has maximum anti-limescale action, and is also indicated for taps, tiles, toilets and bidets.

And if your commitment to the environment makes you look for an ecological scale removed, your option would be there. 

Clean the toilet.

The toilet should be the last place to clean.

It is very important that you put disinfectant in it. Being the last thing to clean, the disinfectant will be in the place where it will act for the longest time.

We recommend ‌you use the SURFACE DISINFECTANT , since it is a product on the market today, quality-price, unbeatable.

Do not even think of using the same cloth as in the other sections of the bathroom, since the toilet is a propitious place for the appearance of germs and bacteria.

Put air freshener in the bathroom.

As no detail can be missed, we recommend that, after finishing cleaning the bathroom, you put on air freshener.

We recommend you use air freshener 1000ml , its lavender hue never disappoints.

Following the recommended organization and with these tips, you will surely finish cleaning the bathrooms much sooner, leaving them perfect as well.

And finally, after having discovered how to clean the bathroom effectively, as in previous articles, we will continue intending to tell you more about this exciting world of office cleaning, hygiene and disinfection.

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