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I was really excited about the MoonSwatch announced in March 2022. So big that I immediately wrote an article about this surprising collaboration between Omega and Swatch – and Replica Watches UK even praised the two watch brands for once. I now have to retract or put (at least) half of that into perspective.

Although I had already added one or two updates at the end of the said article, looking back at the last few months it seems necessary to completely reclassify and evaluate the “Speedmaster for everyone” again.

MoonSwatch: Just a marketing vehicle with a high disappointment factor?

Because as it stands, this watch is not intended for the watch community, which has grown significantly in recent years, or for the largest possible number of customers with small wallets, but rather a – with all due respect – quite cheap marketing vehicle with a high disappointment factor for many People. At least until now.

And if a customer wants to buy two or three of these supposedly non-limited Omega x Swatch Speedmasters, they get…

Well, guess.


Not limited: The alternative “truths” of the Swatch Group

Anyone who seriously describes this as not limited probably has a small truth problem or is possibly a descendant of the lying Baron Münchhausen. For the younger ones: This is the Godfather of alternative truths aka Trump’s grandfather.

And to all appearances, this “non-limited” limitation happens very consciously, purposefully, and controlled.

And now the famous straw that broke the camel’s back, at least for me: The MoonSwatch will not be available to buy online (source: Fratello Watches).

Another form of (subsequent) limitation. Because originally everyone assumed that the plastic Speedmaster would be available online. Swatch probably even communicated this itself and made watch fans believe that this inexpensive Speedmaster will one day be available online. For months no clear rejection in terms of online availability. Particularly well-informed watch blogger colleagues even peddled a specific date. Wherever that came from. But then we were also disappointed. Like so many.

All of this leads me to the following conclusion:

The MoonSwatch was and is a Trojan horse

And the entire watch community jumped on it. Has opened its doors, so to speak, and welcomed the Trojan – more or less happily – into its circles.

It makes no difference whether you were a “pro” or “con” MoonSwatch. Anyone who commented publicly on this watch or on social media was in fact “triggered” by it and a multiplier. Whether you have expressed enthusiasm or derogatory toward her. The news was also a “banger”. And these many voices have ensured enormous reach and attention worldwide. Incidentally, Swatch and Omega did not even have to spend a lot of marketing money on them. We all really pushed the topic. And yes, I include myself as a watch blogger and Speedmaster collector. So much self-reflection is necessary.

MoonSwatch – when the “Shining Star” qualities are rapidly fading

But now we come to the essential point: For me, the whole thing is not a brave product stunt (anymore), but rather – and again – a brazen deception by Omega and the Swatch Group. Which probably doesn’t deserve as much respect and recognition as I thought in March 2022.

But the worst is the smug statements and interviews that can currently be found online. Maybe it should have been better…

When asked why the cheapest Speedmaster will not be available online, CEO Nick Hayek said in an interview:

“There’s no emotion in online buying. It’s a carefully produced super clone Rolex Swiss Made watch and not a commodity. After the whole world had to stay at home for two years because of COVID, it was about time to celebrate and to bring the people back on the streets, meet together, and revive the brick-and-mortar stores.” (Source: Fratello Watches)

With this statement, do you also have the emotion that something is not quite right at one point or another? Especially when it comes to the battered offline shopping population in the post-Covid era? Or is it just me?

And isn’t it nice how Mr. Hayek almost dictates to potential customers when they can feel emotions when making a purchase – and when not?
(By the way: I bought my Omega Speedmaster SpeedyTuesday Ultraman “from him” online, so to speak, or initiated the purchase process. There was plenty of emotion at the start – as you can see from my article.)

Try again, and again, and again… it’s not limited

And one more question…

But what about those who don’t live near a Swatch boutique, or those who queued up for the MoonSwatch and went home empty-handed?

…Mr. Hayek replies:

“You can try again, and there are more Swatch stores in many places where today you have none opening, and they will start to sell Moonswatches soon. As already stated, it’s not limited, and it’s part of the experience to go and look for it. Do not forget, anybody, forces you to buy now. There is no reason to buy from flippers. Once again, it’s not limited and does not need a three-month update on new software. And who knows for how many years it will be there as a new classic?” (Source: Fratello Watches)

I’ll translate it – very freely and of course exaggerated:

But the Omega MoonSwatch is not only intended to breathe new life into the dusty Swatch Stores and encourage frustrated purchases of “normal” Swatch watches, it is said to also boost sales of the real Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch, which is currently priced at 6,600 euros.

Fratello writes further:

“…that another effect of the MoonSwatch is that more Speedmaster Professional Moon watches are being sold. The MoonSwatch gets people into buying Swiss watches, whether that’s another Swatch model (non-MoonSwatch) or the original Moonwatch by Omega.”(Source: Fratello Watches )

And that makes it clear to me…

What the Omega x Swatch MoonSwatch actually is – summarized in three sentences:

A rather unemotional (!), self-financing marketing tool based on a mass-produced product that is apparently kept in short supply in order to lure people into the shops of a dusty 80s brand. And that with the help of the Moonwatch, already decried as a “cash cow” in the watch community, which is now also being stretched in front of the Swatch’s plastic carts. And all of this after Omega has reduced the topic of limited editions to absurdity with countless and almost inflationary Speedmaster limited editions in recent years.

But maybe that’s just my perception.

Perhaps the customer is the focus of the whole thing – and is the “hero”, as Mr. Hayek claims in the Fratello interview. But maybe that’s just another alternative truth. Or half-truth. You don’t know that exactly.

What´s next: Omega x Swatch Seamaster 007 – with the license to milk?
And in case you’re wondering what’s next, some are already guessing it’s going to be a plastic Seamaster or SeaSwatchmaster (or whatever). Of course in connection with the James Bond and 007 licenses. The other cash cow from Omega and the Swatch Group certainly intends to milk properly. However, this surprise should then no longer seem quite so big and ingenious. Enthusiasm is also limited.

Doesn’t that all sound likable – and after an incredible amount of fun & emotions? Oh well.

Conclusion & Emotions:

Anyway, my emotions – if you couldn’t tell from this article – are strong disillusionment, the even greater feeling of (dis) disappointment, and enthusiasm for the MoonSwatch that has dropped from 100% to 0%. And that within a short time.

Do not get me wrong. Anyone who has or will receive this watch may enjoy it. Granted from the heart. And anyone who has made a quick euro with it when reselling it on eBay (partner link), where they can still be found above the list price – is also OK. – But I myself am now just turned off by the whole topic and can no longer muster any enthusiasm. Rather the opposite. Which is really a shame. – In this sense: Well done, Omega and Swatch.

There would certainly be a lot more to write about. But for now, this should be enough to get more attention for the MoonSwatch. Fortunately, there are other interesting watches. They are even available. Well, really.

Addendum (6 August 2022):

In the meantime, I have received one or the other message (including photos) or information regarding Fake MoonSwatches, which have been available for purchase online on relevant platforms for some time. And they really look very similar to the plastic original – including the packaging. (And to the very smart ones who are just taking a breath: Yes, it was clear that this was going to happen. Yes, shortly after release. No, I wasn’t/am not surprised.)

This is of course another “interesting” and exciting point to think about. And again on several levels – at least one of which (again) is likely to divide the minds of the watch community. Keyword: current eBay offers (partner link) – how many of them are genuine? And: Can you buy such a copy? The original, i.e. the MoonSwatch, is itself a copy (of the real Moonwatch)?

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