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Thinking of Starting A Smart App? Try App Like Gojek and Earn More Revenue

What is a Smart App according to a common man? 

A Smart Mobile Application is something Innovative, Interactive, and a Platform that offers you all kinds of Comfort in the World! Well, these Apps are also: 

  • Advanced Than Other App: These Apps have New, Fully-Functioning Features that typically Surpass the Older Technology. For Instance, Gojek Clone App Nigeria includes lots of the Latest Features Specific to the Covid-19 Safety Guideline Issued by the World Health Organization! 
  • They have Interactive Features That Boost Communication: This Smart App has all the amazing Features that allow Easy Communication between the Service Provider and the App User. Such as Call Masking, In-App Chat Feature, Voice Note Instructions, etc. 
  • The Apps are GPS Integrated enabling Real-Time Tracking: Smart Apps offer the facility of Real-Time Tracking and are empowered with GPS Integration! This Feature helps the App Users to keep a tab on the Current Status of their Delivery Driver/Order or Rides! 

What else can be defined under a Smart App? For Apps like Gojek, their USP or Unique Selling Point is enough to Testify how Smart these Apps are. This App can offer 70+ On-Demand Apps through One Single Platform itself! 

Also, it is loaded with Futuristic and Groundbreaking Features like the ones mentioned below. 


  1. A 4 Digit Numeric Code is sent on the Rider’s Registered Phone Number and Email Address, once the Taxi Driver accepts the Ride. The Trip will only start when the Rider provides the One-Time-Password (OTP) to the Taxi Driver. This OTP Verification acts as an Extra Security Layer. 
  1. A Corona-Safety Feature mentions that both, the Rider and the Taxi Driver can Cancel the Ride if either of them violates the WHO Issued Safety Guidelines! 
  1. One Store or Service Provider can Register itself under more than One Category. This means that a Moto Driver can also work as a Parcel/Food/Grocery/Medicine Delivery Driver in one’s Spare Time and earn extra Cash. 
  1. The Stores/Store Owners registered with Gojek Clone App can Digitally keep a Track of their Inventory using SKU Code (Stock Keeping Unit). Restaurants can use this Feature to top up their Productivity, Inventory Management, and simultaneously reduce the chances of Human Errors! 
  1. The App Users don’t have to keep Scrolling and Swiping to find the Stores, Items they need, and Item Categories. They can simply type a Relevant Keyword in the Store Search Panel on the App and get everything enlisted altogether!


Gojek like App embraces Two Business Models. However, the condition is that the App Owner can choose only One of the Two Models for their All in One Services App. 

1. Subscription Plans

The Service Providers need to make a One-Time-Payment to the App Owner to Purchase One of the many Subscription Plans. With this Purchase of Subscription Plan, the Provider says ‘Adieu’ to Paying Commission per Service to the App Owner for every single Service rendered through the App. These Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, Half-Yearly, and Annual Subscription Plans are exclusively decided by the App Owner. And so are their Prices and Added Perks! 

The Subscription Plans come with a predefined Time Validity after which they Expire. Upon Expiration, the Provider no longer receives Service Requests. Thus, to curb such a situation. The App Owner starts sending Reminder In-App Push Notifications for Plan Renewal before the Expiration Date.  

2. Commission-Based Model 

The Service Provider is bound to pay Commission to the App Owner for every Service that they render through the App. This Commission is the Certain Percentage of the Earnings of Service Providers per Order. As the App Owner decides the Commission Rate. It can be different for all the Wide-Ranging Genres of Services offered on the App. 

For Example, a Gojek Clone Owner earns 12% Commission from a Masseuse. 10% Commission from a Food Delivery Driver, and a 13% Commission from a Home Painter.


Have you always wished to become a Successful Entrepreneur? Do you want to Earn Easy and Quick Money?

If you’ve nodded for both the questions, then it’s time you set your foot into the On-Demand Service Industry with a Powerful Gojek Clone App.  

Call or email a White-Labeling Firm that can help you Go Live with your App in record 7 Days! Do it Now!

Alexa James

Alexa James is the Content Manager at Cubetaxi.com. She has a keen interest in writing about the latest mobile app technologies. She also loves to write a lot about on-demand mobile app development.

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