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Things to Consider Before Establishing an ICU Setup at Home

ICUs are also known as critical care units (CCUs) or intensive therapy units (ITUs). 

If someone is critically ill and needs intensive treatment and close monitoring. If they are having surgery, intensive care can help them recover. 

Most ICU patients have issues with one or more organs or problems with their vital functions such as circulation, respiration, neurological, coagulation, kidney function, liver function, bowel function, severe infections, trauma, operations, and so on. 

Many home healthcare services provide ICU setup at home while offering services from experienced and trained doctors, nurses, and personal attendants who help you recover from the comfort and convenience of your own home. 

Things to Consider Before Setting Up an ICU at Home

  • Consult the Doctor First

First and foremost, only set up a home ICU with the advice of your doctor or physician. You must seek appropriate advice from your doctor and seek assistance from people. Who can help you in setting up an intensive care bed at home?

  • Employ a Skilled Nurse and Caregiver

A trained and experienced critical care nurse should be present at home to take care of all medical needs such as handling medical equipment, consulting with doctors, administering injections, and monitoring daily progress. In addition, a 24-hour caregiver to manage physiotherapy, hygiene, and food is required to ensure the patient’s overall well-being. It is critical to remember that providing intensive care at home is a highly skilled task that should only be performed by an expert medical team. Ensure that your nursing staff is certified and has received training in major hospital intensive care units. 

  • Purchase All Necessary Medical Equipment

A home ICU requires cutting-edge medical equipment such as an IV stand, oxygen cylinder, para monitor, suction machine, nebulizer, DVT pump, and alpha mattress. This equipment varies from person to person. Oxygen, either through a cylinder or an oxygen concentrator, continuous monitoring of oxygen saturation, and instruments to check blood pressure, temperature, and blood glucose are all required for adequate intensive care at home. 

Ensure all the necessary medical equipment at home is available and handy.

  • Maintain a Constant Power Supply at Home

Another consideration when establishing a home ICU is that there should be a consistent power supply for the medical equipment to operate without interruption. Purchasing a power backup generator is important to ensure that critical equipment has a continuous power supply.    

  • Select an Appropriate Bed

Bedsores can develop in ICU patients, leading to severe infection and sepsis. As a result, it is critical to decide on the correct bed for your needs. Based on the length of time you will require it. 

  • Follow Infection Control Protocols

It is critical to keep the patient and the surrounding area clean at all times. It goes without saying that a competent nurse. A doctor to monitor in person or remotely. Infection control protocols involving double masking, strict hand hygiene, and regular disinfection are also essential.

  • Maintenance of the Equipment

Since ICU equipment is used on critically ill patients on a continuous basis, it is critical that it is properly maintained, especially devices used for life support and resuscitation. ICU staff should perform daily equipment checks and notify them when equipment requires maintenance, repair, or replacement and they should be always kept up to date. 

Why is ICU care at home a better option?

Being in intensive care units is a physically and mentally demanding experience. It drains people mentally, and they require considerable mental support from their loved ones. The ICU setup at home has a clear advantage over hospital stays in this regard. Seniors show significant differences in home recovery compared to hospital recovery because. They have their loved ones around them and the opportunity to recover at home.

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