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These 5 Yoga Asanas Will Remove Stretch Marks After Pregnancy

Stretch marks remain during pregnancy and after pregnancy. This is because as the baby develops in the mother’s womb, so does the lower part of the woman’s abdomen. Women get stretch marks because of the spread of the skin. which remains after the birth of the child. These stretch marks do not look good. Because of this, women are not able to wear many dresses even if they want. So in this article, we talk about how to remove and reduce this stretch mark with the help of yoga asanas. We will tell you about four yoga asanas, which can be done to get rid of stretch marks.

Are stretch marks harmful or not?

Stretch marks are not harmful. After the birth of a child, a lot of changes are seen in women. Some women are prone to obesity, some become weak, and some have problems like stretch marks. Having stretch marks affects the look. The fat under the stomach swings. Many women are very worried about these stretch marks. it should happen. She wants this problem to be solved. These stretch marks can be easily reduced with the help of yoga.

Get rid of stretch marks by doing yoga asanas

By the way, many women use oil or cream, etc. to remove stretch marks. But my suggestion is that stretch marks should be removed by using natural ingredients. Apart from this, women can remove stretch marks with the help of yoga asanas. Because yoga improves the blood circulation of the body. Due to this, the body heals naturally. The more blood is supplied to the affected area, the more the problem will be solved.

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Do the Viparita Karani Asana:

If you have stretch marks in the lower part of the abdomen, then yoga experts suggest that such yoga should be done so that there is maximum blood circulation in the abdominal (lower abdomen) part. This solves the problem. For this, the opposite should be done.

Method of doing this asana:

  • To do this asana, first, lie down on the ground by laying a yoga mat.
  • then keep your feet and hands straight
  • Now slowly lift both legs and buttocks upwards
  • Support the waist by keeping both hands on the ground
  • keep breathing during
  • Do as long as possible, then slowly bend the knees, remove the hands, and come to a relaxed posture.
  • After doing yoga, rest for a minute
  • If you want, you can do this for two to three minutes.

Utkatasana to reduce the stretch marks on the thigh

Experts say that after the birth of the baby, women also have stretch marks around the thigh. This too can be reduced with the help of yoga. For this, enthusiasm should be done. Apart from this, women are advised to do Is Padangusthasana.

Learn how to do Utkatasana:

  • To do Utkatasana, stand by making a little distance between your two feet.
  • Keeping the hands in front, keep the palm towards the ground, keep the elbows straight
  • Then bend the knee take it down and assume that you are sitting on a chair and sit in the air.
  • Try to stay in this posture as much as possible and keep the hands parallel to the ground.
  • Take care to keep the spine straight
  • To finish the asana, slowly sit down in the posture of Sukhasana, if you want, you can also lie on your back. after that, you should rest

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Method of doing Hand Padangusthasana:

  • First of all, you lie down on the ground by laying a yoga mat.
  • Take one side and move both hands upwards
  • If you have turned on the right side, then slowly raise the left hand and left leg.
  • After raising both, touch the toes with the hand
  • Then come back in the same posture, and do the same thing on the other side.


  • Remove the mark of the upper part of the body by doing Sarvangasana
  • Yoga experts say that it is not that after the birth of the baby, stretch marks come only in the lower part of the body. Rather, stretch marks can also come in the upper parts of the body. For this, you should do all-roundness. Experts say that this asana is not recommended for people suffering from high blood pressure, glaucoma, thyroid and neck, and shoulder injuries.

Learn how to do this asana:-

  • First, lie down on your back
  • Slowly raise your back, waist, and hip upwards, take all the weight on your shoulders, then support your back with your hands
  • Keep the hands along the back and support the shoulders. Now straighten your waist and legs, now the whole body will be on the upper part of your shoulders and hands.
  • Now your feet will be upwards and take the toes of the feet in the line of the nose keep in mind that there is no weight on the neck, keep your neck strong and contract its muscles.
  • Put your chest on your chin, if you feel the tension in this pose, then come out
  • Stay in this posture for 30 seconds
  • To come out of the asana, slowly take the knees near the forehead keep the hands on the ground and slowly lower the waist without raising the head. Rest on the ground on your feet for a minute.

Before doing these yoga poses, get training from a yoga instructor:-

By doing all these yoga asanas, you can make the blood circulation flow in the affected parts of the body. But before this, it is necessary to take training from a yoga instructor. Because every person’s body is different, many people get sick and many remain healthy. To do yoga well, it is better to do yoga under the guidance of an expert first. So wherever you are making mistakes, yoga instructors correct your mistakes.

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