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Everything is fine, it is quite possible to agree with him if you wish. There were nuances in terms of time, everything was decided by mutual agreement and a compromise was found. If you need professional movers in Dubai or the Dubai region, you will quickly find them using the executive website.

More examples of work

The contractors help when loading and unloading operations are required, delivery of goods to the warehouse, removal, and removal of household or construction waste.

Moving and storage in Dubai

Also, the range of services provided by loaders includes loading and unloading trucks, wagons, dismantling and removal of furniture sets when moving, rigging and so on.

Features of cooperation with executive performers

Movers registered on executive.ae will take care of all the hassle associated with moving heavy things when moving to a new home, buying a set for the kitchen or bedroom. The contractors will ensure the loading and unloading of:




interior items for home

construction debris

Transport is selected depending on the dimensions of the transported items. For small volumes, qualified movers will carry out transportation on the Gazelle. When you need to transport up to 4 tons, trucks will be involved. Construction waste is removed using GAZ dump trucks with a carrying capacity of up to 5 tons.

Dubai moving company

The local movers in Dubai specialists help with office moves, when you need to carefully transport all the inventory. Professional movers are often ready to assist in disassembling furniture. You can order them loading and unloading of things from your office:





computer and home appliances

The help of loaders usually required at all stages of work. Office movers dubai specialists pack all things with high quality, and also carry out rigging work (arranging items in the correct order, loading them in a certain sequence, fixing them on a car).

After the transfer to the place of the new office, you will be able to personally verify that all things and objects have retained their functionality and appearance. You can also ask the movers to collect office tables, cabinets and other items, arrange them in a new room.

How the cost of services is calculated

Prices for the services of loaders depend on several factors. One of them is the number of workers. You can always agree on this in advance and hire one person or a team of 2-10 or more people, depending on the type and amount of work done.

The cost increases if handymen have to work on your order on the night shift, on weekends or holidays. The price of the service provided by loaders also depends on the type of cooperation: a one-time request or permanent cooperation.

How much the services of professional movers cost depends largely on the amount of work and its type. If you want to transport things from one district of Dubai to another, you can order a executive vebsite.

For large volumes, you can offered a suitable vehicle, for example, a GAZ truck. It is capable of transporting goods or raw materials with a volume of more than 2 tons.

You can pay with professional specialists in cash, it is also possible to pay by bank transfer. You can always clarify such details in advance.

Why you should contact Storage in Dubai specialists?

Using the help of qualified movers registered in executive.ae, you will get several advantages:

Saving money

Assistance is provided at any time convenient for you (around the clock, including on weekends and holidays)

solving problems of any complexity

Before you invite movers, you can call a specialist to assess the amount of work done and calculate the cost of services. Such preliminary preparation will allow you to complete the task as quickly and efficiently as possible.

You will receive guarantees for the work performed by the movers. In a short time, the desired result obtained. Reliable loaders are ready to provide high-quality assistance in Dubai and the Dubai region at an affordable price, regardless of the complexity and volume of work.

Frequently asked Questions

Professional movers – how much does it cost on Executive?

The recommended price is 1800 rubles. Unfortunately, it is impossible to specify in advance the exact cost of the service. The reason is that Executive performers compete with each other in order to attract customers, including setting the lowest possible prices. Therefore, the price can be at the level of the average market or up to 40% cheaper. Create a task , experts will offer their conditions, and you will choose the appropriate option.

Why is it better to search for an artist on Executive?

How many performers will respond to my order?

When will offers start coming in?

What to rely on when choosing a performer?

Does Movers in Dubai guarantee the work of performers?

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