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The Secrets to Making Your Press On Nails Last Longer

A lot of women look for an easier way to add length and volume to their nails when they’re going out on the town. This is why press on nails have become so popular recently. They look great, they’re easy to put on and they can last you anywhere from one day to two weeks depending on how you take care of them. But if you’ve never had experience with press on nails before, you might not know that there are some tips and tricks that can make them last longer than just using them until they fall off on their own.

Prep your nails

If you want your press on nails to last, you need to prep your nails first. Here’s how:

  1. Start with clean, dry nails. If your nails are oily, use a nail polish remover to remove any excess oil.
  2. Cut and file your nails into the shape you want them to be. Make sure the edges are smooth so the press on nails will have a good surface to adhere to.
  3. Push back your cuticles and clean under your nails with a nail brush or file.
  4. If you’re using glue on nails, apply a thin layer of glue to each nail bed and let it dry for a few seconds before applying the press to the nail.

Glue type matters

If you want your press-on nails to last, it’s important to choose the right glue. For instance, if you have sensitive skin, you’ll want to avoid adhesives that contain harsh chemicals. Instead, opt for hypoallergenic nail glue. Additionally, make sure you’re using glue that is specifically designed for pressing on nails; using the wrong type of glue can cause your nails to pop off prematurely. Here are a few other tips to keep in mind:

– Make sure your nails are clean and free of any oils before applying the adhesive.

– Don’t apply too much glue – a little goes a long way.

– Allow the glue to set for a few seconds before pressing the nail into place.

Paint over them

Press on nails are a great alternative to traditional manicures, but they don’t always last as long. If you want your stick on nails to last longer, there are a few things you can do. First, paint over them with a clear or nude polish. This will help protect the design and color of your nails. You can also use a top coat of clear polish which will add an extra layer of protection. Finally, be sure to store your press on nails in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. With proper care, your press on nails can last for weeks!

Wear socks at night

Socks protect your nails from chipping and scratching as you move around in your sleep. They also help keep your nails clean and free of debris. Plus, wearing socks at night can help keep your press on nails from falling off. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Start with clean, dry nails. If your nails are oily, use a nail polish remover to remove any residue.
  2. Apply a thin layer of glue to your nails, being careful not to get any on your skin. You can use a brush or cotton swab to apply the glue.
  3. Place the press on nail on top of the glue, and hold it in place for a few seconds.

Keep them on for 2 weeks

So, you’ve decided to try press on nails. They’re convenient, they look great, and they’re much cheaper than a trip to the salon. But how can you make them last? Here are a few tips:

  1. Start with clean nails. Make sure your nails are free of any oils or residue before applying the press ons.
  2. Cut and file your nails. This will help create a smooth surface for the adhesive to stick to.
  3. Apply the adhesive tabs according to package instructions. Be sure to wait the recommended amount of time for the adhesive to set before proceeding.

4. Gently press the press on nail into place, starting at the center and working your way outwards.

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