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The Rank Of Solventless In the Consumer’s Market

Solventless extraction technology has several benefits, including saving time and energy and the cost of solvent. It also allows for lower startup costs. These advantages are valuable to both the manufacturer and the retailer. Solventless products are also popular with serious consumers. They are often considered luxury products in the concentrates category and generate a level of hype comparable to significant fashion drops.

Demand for Solventless Concentrates

Solventless concentrates like California solventless are a rapidly growing category in the consumer market. These products allow processors to avoid the costs and risks associated with traditional solvent extraction. They also provide a safer, cleaner product. Additionally, these products allow for different entry points for the consumer. This makes it possible to sell these products to virtually every market segment.

Solventless concentrates are becoming more popular among high-end cannabis consumers. They are priced higher than other concentrates, making them an expensive product. In Colorado, for example, rosin cartridge sales were more than 160 percent higher in the first quarter of 2021 than in the previous year. Solventless concentrates are also becoming popular in edibles, and demand is increasing.

Costs of Solventless Processing Equipment

For small-scale businesses, the costs of solvent-based equipment can be prohibitive. For example, a CO2 extraction machine can cost more than $200K, while a hydrocarbon system costs between $30000 and $60000. However, these machines come with disadvantages. These include low throughput, product quality, and ease of use.

The size of your facility will significantly impact the type and size of solventless processing equipment you need. Consider a smaller solvent-less extractor if you only plan to use solvent-free extraction for small-scale production. A larger unit will require more room and equipment.

Solvent-free extraction methods may be the future of cannabis processing, but the current bottleneck is scalability. Because this method requires custom-made equipment and expensive input materials, it isn’t easy to scale operations. In addition, yields tend to be lower, making the product costly.

Purity of Solventless Concentrates

Solventless extraction methods provide the consumer with cleaner products that contain fewer impurities. Chemical-based solvents are highly polluting and often have a considerable carbon footprint. They also release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air. These VOCs are a growing concern in the cannabis industry. High concentrations of VOCs contribute to respiratory irritation, liver damage, and certain types of cancer.

Solvent-less concentrates are the new gold standard for the cannabis extracts market. These high-end products are more expensive, but many consumers view them as superior. Sean Shepherd, director of purchasing at The Artist Tree, says rosin is the most expensive and in-demand cannabis product globally. It can sell for up to three times the price of gold. As the price drops, more consumers will turn to solventless products.

The Regulatory Status of Solventless Products

Despite a mixed reputation, the consumer market for solventless products continues to gain momentum. But the industry needs help to educate the public about the risks of these products and ensure they remain safe. One company that aims to provide cannabis consumers with a high-quality and affordable product recently opened a second operation in California. Although it anticipated high demand for solventless concentrates, it soon learned that there was also a great demand for solvent-based products. Because of this, it allocated half its production to solvent-based products. While other cannabis companies have joined the solventless side, the consumer’s understanding of the risk is still limited.

Solventless concentrates are the fastest-growing product category in the cannabis industry. They have rapidly gained market share and new fans. Regulatory and safety concerns have sparked the growth of solventless products.

Impact of the Vaping Crisis on Demand for Solventless Products

The vaping crisis has impacted the consumer market and the demand for solventless products. Consumers are turning away from the synthetic solvents and additives used in traditional extraction methods. Instead, they are turning to cleaner marijuana oils. However, scalability and the cost of producing solventless products is an issue.

While demand for solventless products has been growing over the past couple of years, the COVID-19 pandemic has hurt the consumer market. While solvent-based vaporizers have held their market share, the growth of novel concentrates, such as live resin vape cartridges, is likely to continue to increase. 

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