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The key features of high-quality vinyl panels for commercial applications

Author Bio – Andrew Jonas was looking for PVC panels online. He found Duramax vinyl panels and soon contacted the experts online. He ordered customized wall panels for his commercial facility and was surprised that it took just 2 weeks to have the panel kits delivered to his place. Andrew praises Duramax highly and recommends vinyl panels as an ideal wall material.

Commercial applications like grow rooms, dairy farms, Laundromats, fisheries, marinas, and hospitals require durable, waterproof, and hygienic wall paneling. The market has a lot of options, but vinyl panels are the most ideal. Although people traditionally preferred to install FRP, drywall, tiles, and plywood, the PVC panels now top the charts. The high-end PVC panels are better than the rest for their unique features and distinguished attributes that facilitate your commercial space to function smoothly without any hassles. Here are a few reasons why PVC panels are the most ideal.

100% water-resistant wall panels 

The PVC panels made from 100% virgin vinyl are waterproof wall materials. The non-porous wall panels do not have OSB or wooden backers that can absorb moisture and damage the wallboard. The PVC panels shed off excess moisture and do not allow any seepage. The vinyl panels have studs that directly attach the material to the walls and stop moisture from penetrating inside the walls and ceilings. High-quality PVC panels are resistant to chemicals and moisture, thereby restricting the growth of mold and mildew.

 Mold-free and antibacterial

The vinyl panels are antibacterial, mold-free, and resistant to mildew, microbes, and viruses. The smooth wall panels are crevice-free and do not allow dirt, debris, or filth to hide around the corners. The dirt particles usually glide down the PVC panels and do not contaminate the walls and ceilings. The PVC panels act as a protective layer to ensure maximum hygiene inside the facility. High-quality PVC panels are FDA-compliant, CFIA-certified, and ASTM-certified. The wall panels maintain the utmost hygienic conditions inside the facility without rotting, molding, rusting, and absorbing moisture. Get the perfect damp-free and antibacterial walls and ceilings by installing PVC panels rather than any other wall material.

Durable and strong 

Did you know high-quality PVC panels can last for 40 to 50 years without callbacks? Post-installation, the PVC panels do not need expert assistance and care for the upkeep. The PVC wall panels are durable and made with ½ inch thick material and advanced trusscore technology. The wall panels have an inner webbed truss design that ensures exceptional strength and sturdiness. The high-end wall panels last for 100 long years and are recyclable. The strong and durable panels arrive in DIY kits with a limited lifetime warranty

Quick to install 

The PVC wall panels are quick to install. The installation takes only 7 to 8 hours and is a one-person job. The PVC panels arrive in DIY kits, and the user-friendly manual ensures a smooth step-by-step installation. You do not need to hire any labor or invest in additional materials to install PVC panels. The inexpensive installation is quick, less laborious, and hassle-free.

Low maintenance 

PVC panels are the easiest to clean. Just wipe the PVC wall material with a damp mop to remove any stains. The wall panels are white, bright, and look pristine with minimal upkeep. PVC panels require occasional cleaning with soap and detergents to retain the white luster. The PVC panels don’t fade, stain or turn yellowish.

Final thoughts 

Duramax PVC wall panels arrive in DIY kits shipped to your location directly from the factory in just two weeks. Request a quote now. Book a no-cost consultation. Ask for a free wall panel sample.


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