The importance of manual cleaning in a hotel

Currently, the cleaning manual of a hotel is a very important factor in the hotel sector

Cleaning manual of a hotel is a very important factor in the hotel sector. Poorly maintained hotels tarnish the company’s image and harm its investments.


This creates images that the customer immediately appreciates or otherwise in hotels. In a hotel, cleanliness and hygiene are some of the most important factors to take care of. We have an individual department of floors. Aims to maintain cleanliness in perfect condition in all areas and rooms of the hotel. Achieving harmony in all its facilities, and to prevent damage to the hotel’s image.

How does the Hotel Cleaning Manual accomplish its objectives?

It is always important to understand the importance of the cleaning manual in a hotel. As part of the culture of cleanliness; We should establish hygiene standards in order to prevent contamination in the facilities and prevent any dirty conditions that may be harmful to customers.

And have a clean, healthy and safe work area. Compliance with the cleaning manual of a hotel will allow the cleaning operation to be more efficient. This will contribute to higher quality, without accidents and good relations between the staff. The cleaning manual provides an organized work process. We need to ensure quality of work. In this aspect of customer’s experience and the client’s interest made review to improve the quality of service based on how satisfied customers are.

Cleanliness presents several challenges that must be addressed in a steady and continuous manner. It is better to customize a cleaning schedule for each hotel. For all these reasons, in ‌​​cleaning, they should not leave things to chance and they must ensure that the professional cleaning staff that attends the cleaning service has sufficient professional capacity and knows the most current techniques. 

The cleaning dynamic differs from hotel to hoteland not all hotels have a cleaning manual. We highly recommend having it as it helps to understand and comply with the protocol, as well.

It is also beneficial to the hotel and the worker in providing peace of mind. In the opposite case, if there is no manual, we leave many things to the discretion of the employee, which will generate inconsistencies and a bad experience for the guest. In relation to this, it is important to know that in all the hotels with which Suite Hotels work daily; they have a Cleaning Manual to follow.

The Areas of Concentration of the Cleaning Manual

Staff must meet the following requirements: clean uniformsshort or tied hairshort nails, clean fingernailsaccording to the manual.

In relation to cleanliness in the food and beverage areas, the areas must occupy independent spaces to avoid possible contamination. Use of waste containers correctly. We must keep the refrigeration chambers in good condition and at a temperature suitable for each type of food. Sheets, equipment and tablecloths must always be clean. Kitchen floors must have grease traps and grids that prevent the entry of insects and other animals. 

Cleaning in the accommodation area must have its respective procedure. Start by drawing the curtains and opening the windows to dehumidify the room. Clean the vents and remove dust from the air conditioner. Shake the bedsas well as the dust in the rooms. Remove any objects, whether they are bottlescansor newspapers.

 Glasses, dishes and utensils should also be washed; check the bathroom to see if there are imperfections to correct them. Remove dust from the ceiling and walls, clean doors; Windows, cabinets, tv. Sweeping and cleaning the floor are essential. Soaps and toilet paper must be removed from the bathroom and replaced. The bathroom has to be washed with detergent and if possible the room has to be fumigated to avoid insects. All these actions make it possible that once the client enters the room, they notice neatness, a good aroma, organization, and that they feel at home.

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