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The importance of cleanliness in schools

A school is a place where many people share space for many hours each day. Due to the large number of activities carried out in these centers, it is important that the different spaces are always as clean as possible, in order to avoid the accumulation of dirt and bacteria.

To prevent places of education from becoming a source of infection, it is necessary to sanitize them correctly, which is why someone always entrusted this task to school cleaning companies that have experience in this type of task. A machine’s ability to achieve greater hygiene than basic cleaning is always impressive.

Senior adult Janitor keeps the floors cleaned and sanitized due to the virus
It is now possible to eliminate all kinds contagion from collective spaces where children spend more time.
Therefore, not only does this reduce the chances of infection, but it also reduces the chances of allergies or other respiratory or eye pathologies in children. It is now possible to eliminate all kinds contagion from collective spaces where children spend more time.

Cleaning in schools: know its benefits

Schools need to maintain a high standard of cleanliness, hygiene, and order. 

The benefits go far beyond keeping classrooms, stains, litter bins empty or and floors free of dust. Do you want to know the other advantages of sanitizing and disinfecting educational centers? 

Fewer illnesses and infections

One of the main advantages of cleaning in schools is, precisely, the prevention of diseases. In sanitizing and disinfecting , ventilating classrooms,managing waste, eliminating dirt, viruses and bacteria. We reduce the risk of contagion. It is key to the health of the little ones and their families.

More productivity

School cleaning has another very important benefit that is rarely discussed, but is extremely important. By keeping the classrooms clean and in order, we make the work space more pleasant; We eliminate objects that can distract us and, in this way, we favor the performance of teachers and students. An advantage that we can extrapolate to any other space in our lives: office, home or library.

More hungry

Good hygiene, as well as their appetite improves children’s performance. And it is that, if the school canteen is clean and disinfected, confidence increases and, with it, the predisposition to eat. Would you like to eat in a dirty, messy space with crockery full of stains? Neither do the children.

Besides being key to their health, it is important to transmit good eating habits and behavior. A hygienic space promotes good behavior at the table, respect for utensils and a habit of cleanliness and order.

More respect for your environment

It is impossible to learn without examples. If we want children to read, they should see us read. If we want them to eat in a healthy and balanced way, they should see us eat fruit, vegetables or fish. And if we want them to take care of their belongings and keep the spaces clean and tidy, they should see us do the same. Disinfection and cleaning in schools is essential to achieve this. 

Best picture

We have talked about it on countless occasions: our company, organization or school speaks of our philosophy and way of working. If it is clean and in order, it will transmit positive values ​​to our clients: dedication, concern, attention to detail. But if instead it is dirty, we will relate it to neglect, lack of commitment and disorganization. Do we want families and students to take away this impression of our center? Then it will be necessary to invest in sanitation and disinfection.

Besides these technical issues, school cleaning companies are required to follow specific maintenance procedures. Using a schedule that identifies the daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly tasks that need to be completed. Obviously, the cleaning of the areas that ‌accumulate more dirt is always carried out daily by a professional cleaner.

To proceed with cleaning in schools, it is necessary that the company that is going to take care of it knows its facilities very well, so that it can establish order in the different areas and not leave any without cleaning, also preventing them from getting dirty again. Again when finished. The phases that are usually followed are: dusting the furniture, sweeping the floor, removing stains, scrubbing the floor and carrying out disinfection treatments.

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