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The Correct Way to Deal with QuickBooks Error 6147

The 6000 series of errors are the most commonly arising category of program faults. These are usually triggered when the user is trying to access the company file or the backup of the file. Various reasons can give rise to such errors, such as the corruption of the file or missing QB components. QuickBooks Error 6147 is a part of this 6000 series of errors. If you too are witnessing “QuickBooks couldn’t open your company file” on your screen, read the blog till the end to grab all the relevant information to help you understand the functioning behind the problem.

Why did QuickBooks Error 6147 take over your computer and how does it go away? Dial our 855-856-0042 and speak to one of our tech professionals to find out the answers to these questions.

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Fundamental Reasons behind QuickBooks Error Code 6147

  1. If the company file is damaged or the folder in which it is stored is corrupted.
  2. An obstruction caused by the system firewall’s end.
  3. When the name of the company file is longer than the assigned limit.
  4. Using a non-updated version of QuickBooks Desktop.
  5. Sudden attack by a virus or presence of a malicious software in the device.

Top Solutions to Fix QuickBooks Error Message 6147

In this section, we will focus on fixing error 6147 in QuickBooks by renaming the company file and then switching its location –

Technique 1 – Check for Errors in the Name of the Company File

  • Exit from running QuickBooks files and screens.
  • Navigate to the location of your QuickBooks company file [company file name.qbw].
  • Move to the file, click right and select the Rename option.
  • Here, you need to check if the name of the company file is more than 64 characters, including the.qbw extension.
  • If the name is longer, you will have to make it short.
  • Also, ensure that there are no special characters or extra spaces in the name of the file.
  • Once this is checked, access QuickBooks and your data file.

Technique 2 – Move the Company Data File to Location Different than usual

  • Open QuickBooks Desktop and your company file on your screen.
  • Press and hold the F2 key to view the Product Information window.
  • Here, locate and copy the location of your company file. Close QuickBooks.
  • Click on the Windows icon, paste the copied location in the search panel and hit Enter.
  • In the next window, find your company file. It should have the .qbw extension.
  • Right-click on it and select Copy.
  • Go to your desktop screen, click right and choose Paste.
  • Reopen QuickBooks and access the company file from the desktop. The error should not arise again.

Technique 3 – Change the Extension of ND and TLG

ND and TLG files are accountable for crucial works, Like ND file is forhold Network data configuration and TLG file is for keeping the transaction of the company file. Therefore, Below we have listed steps to rename these files.

  • Start troubleshooting with closing QuickBooks Program.
  • Next, You need to open windows explorer, Navigate to the Company file directory.
  • There You, Need to find file with ND and TLG extension.
  • Simply rename both file extension with OLD.
  • Now, Reboot your system, Then Start the QuickBooks Program and open the company file.


In the above blog, we have mentioned and discussed various causes that lead to QuickBooks Error 6147 and the approaches that can help eliminate the problem. We hope that the information supported you in erasing the issue permanently. If not, feel free to connect with our pro-advisors at 855-856-0042 for reliable guidance.

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