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The Consequences of Plagiarism and Impact on Student Life

Plagiarism is a serious issue and has many consequences with a severe negative impact on the academic. And career of the students who have committed the act.

But the consequences of Plagiarism are far overlook to the extent of the students who had been caught cheating.

What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism is an act of crime. It is the act of claiming someone else’s work as your own by failing to give credit to the original author of the work.

Plagiarism is a serious problem nowadays that writers must tackle before being caught. Copyright laws protect all written works. And if you are caught committing plagiarism then the consequences will occur. At least you will be going to fail or be expelled from the school. Moreover, you could face legal action for copyright infringement.

Students need to learn how to cite someone else’s work to avoid unintentional acts of cheating and future errors that are inexcusable. In many cases, students plagiarize work intentionally when they are out of time or struggling to understand the topic. According to the 2012-2015 survey on 71,300 students of Rutgers University found that 68% of students admitted cheating on papers and tests.

The consequence of Plagiarism and Impact on student

If you are accuse of copying someone else’s work and making it your own then the original writer has the right to take legal actions towards you. However, the consequences of Plagiarism depend on where you publish your writing. But the following are some common ones and their impact on student Life.

  • Lower-grade in paper

Accidental plagiarism is the common type of Plagiarism in academic writing and if caught then the consequence is a lower grade or failing on the paper. The educational sector has high standards for avoiding plagiarism and those standards are published in the guide of writing assignments and the school’s handbook, which is given to the freshmen.

If your teacher found your work plagiarized then they will straight give F on your paper. This strategy will also apply to unintentional plagiarism, which is why you need to buy essay online to avoid plagiarism if you are not in the mood of writing.

  • Destroys student reputation

Academic solidarity is important in higher studies. And the plagiarist has to fight hard to regain his damaged reputation in all academic sectors to tarnish the incident and to get good academic records. After the accusation, the teacher will deep drive into the future paper of the plagiarist.

This is not all; schools can take it further than simply deteriorating the reputation of the student.

Academic solidarity can be a ground of expelling students, and other disciplinary action such as canceling of scholarship if you breach its rights. Being accused of plagiarism in high school can cause problems getting you in college.

  • Destroys professional reputation

Not only students are at the risk of Plagiarism but also expert writers as well. Even the person who is in the public eye can lose their reputation or even their job if they own someone else’s writing.

The accusation of Plagiarism follows an entire life while damaging the career. It’s not easy to remove the mistakes of the past and continue building a career.

  • Legal consequences

In plagiarism accusations, legal consequences are a serious matter. According to copyright law, no one can copy someone else’s idea and think, without taking permission or giving credit to the original author through citing and referencing even paraphrasing the work.

If the original writer sees his work then the lawsuit may occur.

  • Monetary cost

One of the most serious consequences of Plagiarism is the loss of money. If the lawsuit applied then you may be asked to pay financial compensation. If you are working in this type of sector then you may lose your job. And as a result, it will cause damage to your reputation, which future employers can discover.

  • Plagiarism hurts universities

Plagiarism also causes university integrity. The frequent dishonesty can devalue your degree, which further prevents graduates from hire for internships and jobs. In 2012, the crimson reported that 279 students were caught to have cheated on their home test where they were instructed not to work together. According to the 2005 report of engineering Alumni, 55 master’s program thesis from Ohio University has been plagiarize (Morgan, 2020). Frequent plagiarism cases in universities can make it difficult for the universities to regain their reputations.

How to avoid plagiarism?

As there are serious consequences of Plagiarism, you need to make sure that whatever you are doing is clean from plagiarism. Usually, plagiarism occurs when the writer is feeling lazy and doesn’t take time to cite sources or put the quotation marks in quotes.

Sometimes, disputes in copying and pasting can even occur but plagiarism is simply taking someone else’s idea and thought and putting it into your own words without giving credit to the original author.

The best way to avoid it is to check your assignment before submission and properly cite the sources and quotations.

However, unintentional plagiarism can occur to anyone. Even prolific writers are seeing to be guilty of self-plagiarism or writing something similar to another person’s work.

Go for a plagiarism checker, it will help you to avoid similarities. Turnitin is one of the best plagiarism checker UK across the world that assists by checking the online publications against your work.


It is conclude that the consequences of Plagiarism can affect every point of your life. And due to this, you need to develop strategies to avoid it. Remember never copy and paste someone else’s work or even the idea and never call it yours. Use plagiarism checker software to avoid your work from being plagiarize.

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