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The Best Ways To Utilise PVC Banner – The Absolute Solution for Marketing

From birthday parties to sporting events Banners are a simple and efficient way to convey information. They also have an extensive range of uses. You can pick from banners that are hung on A-frames, banner stands, and even adhesive banners and traditional hanging banners, pop-up banners or pole banners.

To ensure that your banner printing London looks nice for many years to come you must ensure that the banner’s material is to the purpose for which it was designed. The typical banner materials are from polyester fabric, canvas and vinyl (PVC) and mesh vinyl as well as adhesive vinyl.

Different Kinds Of Banner Materials

Because you’ll probably want your banner to last for a long time, the material you choose for your sign is an essential selection. Here’s where every common banner material is most effective.

1. Canvas Banner Material

If you require an indoor-use banner printing UK Canvas is an excellent option. Canvas banners are of excellent quality and will last for a long time in indoor use. To ensure the high quality of printed text and images, it’s recommended to not put these banners outside in the absence of protection from elements.

The semi-gloss look on these flags makes a great option for a premium and professional appearance. They are shiny enough to make them stand out but not enough to cause reflections or the appearance of glare. If you’re seeking a way to display images with high resolution and print canvas, it’s the ideal choice.

2. Polyester Fabric Banner Material

Another option for banners that can be used indoors is the polyester fabric. The polyester fabric is sturdy and light, which means you can easily move them about and reuse them repeatedly. This fabric gives photographs better quality, more realistic look, as well.

The fabric can be washed and easy to fold up and store even in tiny spaces where larger banners or other material might not be able to store well. Make sure to be aware that banners may tear and with time, the pictures and text might fade. If you’re looking for something that can give you an overall look which is more expensive, Polyester is the ideal option.

3. Vinyl Banner Materials (PVC Banners)

For outdoor use, vinyl is strong-duty and tear-resistant. It’s also more waterproof than polyester or canvas. PVC banner printing typically comes in a semi-gloss that is super smooth, but you can also purchase them with a matte-finish. If you’re in search of a banner that can be hung outside and not worry about elements or weather conditions, then any of the three varieties of vinyl banners is an ideal choice for you.

4. Scrim Vinyl Banner Material

The scrim banner has become the popular choice to use for banners that are outdoors. It’s a material that is extremely strong, which means it can withstand harsh weather conditions unlike other banner materials. If you’re looking for a durable outdoor banner, Scrim vinyl would be the ideal option for you.

5. Vinyl Mesh Banner Material

Mesh banners made of vinyl allow sunlight and wind to flow through, which makes them sturdy. Mesh banners are perfect for advertising on field and stadium fences since they do not completely block the view. Those farther away can clearly read the message or images in the banner.

6. Adhesive Banner Vinyl Material

Anywhere that has a smooth, adhesive surface is an ideal spot to hang an adhesive banner. They are light and are typically hung on windows and walls but they are able to be used anywhere they’re able to safely adhere. They are typically small in their size however bigger ones are also available.

The most significant benefit of adhesive banners made of vinyl is they do not require poles, stands, or grommets for holding the banner up. This gives you more opportunities to put the banner up in various places in which poles or other methods of displaying the banner might not be practical.

What’s The Function For PVC Banners?

PVC banners are the ideal display solution for outdoor and indoor displays. Vinyl is flexible and waterproof. This makes it suitable for long- and short-term advertisements. PVC banners can be used for any business and industry kinds.

It is a great way to promote sales, launches of products and grand openings. The possibilities are limitless! The flexibility of PVC banners makes it ideal for private celebrations. These could be birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, Christenings and many more.

PVC construction banner made with a variety of materials and colours. It includes cotton, mesh canvas, polyester and synthetic alternatives. With all the options available it can be difficult to choose the best banner material. To help you choose the best sort, we’ve listed below the most popular PVC banners.

Basic PVC Vinyl Banners

The most common vinyl material comes in a white roll. The feel and quality of the material is usually measured by GSM (grimes for each square metres). This is a measure of the quality and weight of the product. We have two banners made of vinyl varieties.

Our most popular material of 550gsm PVC Banner materials is ideal for outdoor and indoor applications. It can be used for small to medium-term displays. For signage that lasts for a long time, we suggest the 800gsm PVC Banners. The material is light-blocking and is able to be printed on both sides.

PVC Mesh Banners

PVC Mesh Banner Displayed on the fence PVC Mesh banners on fences that have tiny holes in the mesh which allow for wind to move.

Every PVC banner is sturdy and durable, but mesh banners provide a significant benefit. The mesh has tiny holes to permit wind, sound and light to move through. It is ideal for use on scaffolding, railings and fences. PVC Mesh Banners can be constructed of similar materials to their counterparts in the traditional sense. This is why it’s equally durable and waterproof.

We utilise industry-standard mesh that weighs 440gsm and is extremely strong and water-proof. Since banners will be seen from a distance, any holes that are present in the fabric will not be noticeable or interfere with the ability to read the printed material. Contrary to regular banners made of vinyl they are offered with one-sided printing.

PVC Banner Finishing

We recommend purchasing banners with hems (edges folded over using double-sided tape or welds). This can give the PVC banner more weight and strength for the edges of the display.

Printing Your Banners

If you’re in search of high-quality signage, take into consideration which kinds of banner materials will work for your requirements. Canvas and polyester fabrics are best for indoor use and the vinyl banners are ideal for outdoor usage. For printing a quality banner, choose an expert printer, with banner blanks and printers to ensure that your customised banner stands out.

Ravi Patel

As the marketing head at VC Print, Ravi Patel has a reputed name in the industry. He consistently contributes his valuable knowledge to the top blogging sites.

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