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Reference and Education

The Best & Affordable Universities in the UK for International Students

Being a student, securing an international degree has got to be on your bucket list. Dreaming about studying abroad has its luxuries. Not only this but it has it aimed to level up your game in the academic field. But it has professional pursuits as well.

Want to study abroad? And still, not thinking of the UK as an option is like cheating on your dreams. For many years the UK has been the most reliable and secured option for international students. According to research, pursuing an international degree brings various life-changing. And unforgettable academic careers, personal, intercultural, and social benefits. (Dwyer & Peters, 2004)

Why study in the UK?

A student always has the right to know the offering of the country. In which he or she is looking to apply. A rational student is expected to make a firm decision. After critically analyzing all the offerings. With that being said. Let’s look at the reasons that make the UK worthy of higher studies.

Quality education:

The universities in the UK have the best reputation in the market. Currently, four of the top global universities are from the UK. Moreover, the universities here have qualified and professional teachers. Which also helps students in carrying the quality researches with meaningful impact. Therefore, the researches conducted in the UK are internationally renowned as well.

Various learning opportunities:

Universities in the UK offer a variety of qualified degrees in all the niches. Either business, doctrine, engineering, arts, home economics, media sciences, or many more.

Above all, it has the option of dual honors degree as well. This means that one can study media marketing along with a software development degree as well. Apart from this, In the UK, you can find the best cheap dissertation writing services as well to broader the spectrum of your learning.

The UK is worth living:

It is no hidden fact that the United Kingdom can provide a luxurious life to every citizen. The demography of the UK is a combination of cosmopolitan cities. And countryside villages to keep your stay full of amusement. Also, the wide range of cuisine and the music alone is enough to make this country worth living.

Employment opportunities:

Scoring a qualified degree opens a gate to various employment opportunities. Since the education of  UK’s universities is known and preferred by the employers. Of course, your curriculum vitae will stand from the bunch if it has the study background of the UK.

Cultural diversity:

Since the UK welcomes students from all around the globe, it has a diversified culture. Approximate, the UK has more than 200,000 international students. The UK is capable of giving the environment that embeds learning about different cultures as well.

Shorter degrees and courses:

The UK gives the option of shorter degrees and courses as well, which means that It is offering three years and two years degree programs as well.

Home to the best libraries:

The universities in the UK are home to one of the most incredible libraries in the world. Currently, the British Library in London is the largest in the UK. This library has more than 150 million items, so call it a dream palace of book worms. Other than this, there are many notable other universities as well.

Best and affordable universities in the UK for international students:

With knowing the best reasons to study in the UK, all is left to know the list of the best and most affordable universities;

  1. Southampton Solent University:

Southampton Solent University is a university known for giving various learning opportunities to international students. The culture of this university is enriched with so many different nationalities. Southampton charges £12,500 for its undergraduate degree programs. For certificate or foundation year, the cost is £11,000. The tuition fees for the diploma is also the same as a certification but with just the application of additional registration fees.

For the post-graduate programs, the tuition fees range from £12,000-£15,000.

  1. University of Chester:

The University of Chester was established in 1839. Since the beginning, this university has managed to achieve its unique identity in the field of academics. This university has always aimed to train students with the skills to flourish their academic careers and provide help to their local communities.

The tuition fees start from £9,250 for a bachelor’s degree, including the foundation programs, and go up to £16,635 for research degrees – which is a pretty steal deal!

  1. University of Bedfordshire:

The University of Bedfordshire was established in 2006. This university is the combined campus of the University of Luton and De Montfort’s university. The University of Bedfordshire is also known in the market for giving various learning opportunities to international students.

Based on their tuition fees policy, to apply for the undergraduate programs, a student would have to pay £11,500. The tuition fee of a master’s degree costs around  £12,000 to £12,500.

  1. Teesside University:

You can say that Teeside University has made its mark at the national and international levels as well. This university is known for its qualified panel of professors and quality researches. The tuition fees of this university start from £9,500 for foundation programs, and for a full-fledge undergraduate degree program, the fee is around £11,825 for an academic year. For the post-graduate program, it requires a tuition fee of £5,875 – if the student is aiming for a part-time distance learning degree. For a proper MBA degree, it cost around £17,000.

  1. University of Bolton:

Bolton university is known for its affordable prices and quality education. Its population consists of 6,000 students and 700 qualified academic staff. The best thing about this university is that it requires the same tuition fees for its undergraduate and post-graduate programs, i.e. £12,450 per year.

Other best affordable options:

  • Leeds trinity university, England – £11,500
  • University of Suffolk, England – £12,150
  • Harper Adams University college – £11,000
  • University of Cumbria – £10,500

In a nutshell,

These universities and others in the UK are known to produce the most intelligent brains of all time. Most of their passports can easily give the best assignment writing service UK based as they are enriched with proficient knowledge.

No wonder getting a degree from the UK opens the gate of employment for you.


Dwyer, M. M., & Peters, C. K. (2004). The benefits of studying abroad. Transitions abroad37(5), 56-58.

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