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Rimless Toilets Vs Traditional Toilets – What is the Difference?

Rimless Toilets Vs. Traditional Toilets – What is the Difference?

Rimless toilets uk are fast becoming the norm of the toilets. It is the kind of feature that everyone loves. Whether you want to go for a classic looking close coupled toilet, back to wall or a wall hung, it is preferred for all types of toilets. In the past, toilets had rimmed shape bowls that were in such design due to a reason. The rims in the inside side were for flushing or distributing the water from inside the toilet rims. So, without it there was no technology exists that could allow the water distribution and facilitate the flushing. However, there was a problem due to these rims. And that was, the rims around the pans were hard-to-reach areas for cleaning purposes. As a result, there was so much dirt and limescale accumulation that made it was unhygienic. So, to solve this problem, the manufacture designed a new shape of the toilet pan that was without rims. 

In this article, we are going to provide you with information about why and how these toilets are a better option for you. 

How is Rimless Toilets UK Different from Traditional Toilets?

You may have got an idea from our first paragraph that the rimless toilets uk are simply toilet pans without a rim. The major difference between these is the flushing method. The traditional toilets which have rims have water distributed through the rims, while for the rimless, the innovative new flushing process is developed that flush water around without any need for such rims. 

Why Are Rimless Toilets UK Better?

The rimless toilets are better due to the various advantages this offers.

  • Easier Cleaning and Maintenance

The idea of removing the rims came from the problems that people were facing from the traditional toilets. The limescale and accumulation of dirt were creating a lot of trouble. That was becoming breading space for germs. That was causing of big concern for the hygiene-loving people. It was an even bigger concern during the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only are there no harder-to-reach areas, but these require less cleaning due to the removal of these rims.

  • Powerful Flushing. 

Since the rim was all about flushing the water into the toilet, there was a need for a completely new method in the rimless toilets. So, that is what these toilets have. The new direct flushing method is more effective in distributing the water around the pan. That results in a powerful flow of water to flush the waste. That makes it an even more hygienic option because the water around it cleans the debris more easily it. 

  • Availability of a Wide Range of Designs: Another good thing is that the removal of the rim from the toilet pan has allowed manufacturers to innovate new bowl designs as well. That has led to the abundance availability of toilet bowls, with various designs and shapes. That means you can be more flexible in choosing the type of design you want in the toilet. While in comparison, the traditional toilets had limited designs available while there was less opportunity to innovate something new. 
  • Affordability: Although rimless toilets are a relatively newer concept, there is not much difference in the price. That means you can; even if you have a limited budget or are cautious about the costs, you can still get easily afford these latest toilets. So, comparatively, traditional and rimless shape toilets have almost the same price tags. That is another reason for their popularity.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing Designs: You would agree that the rims around the inside bowl were not aesthetically pleasing. The new available designs, without rims, produce aesthetically pleasing or attractive looks. That makes these toilets are the perfect choice for contemporary bathrooms. That’s why it is a trendy fixture for the modern bathrooms

Final Though about Rimless Toilets UK

The rimless toilets uk are an essential need of a modern bathroom. There are various advantages for which we should prefer these over the traditional toilets. From easier cleaning to better hygiene and aesthetically pleasing design, you will not regret choosing the one for your bathrooms. You can check the latest bathroom fittings and fixtures at Royal Bathrooms online store in the UK. 

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