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Ramanagara Trek: A Complete Guide


Ramanagara is popularly known as the birthplace of rock climbing, and it is a frequently visited place by many people for spending their holidays ,located on the outskirts of the Tech city of India, Bangalore. Situated just 50kms far from the main city it takes just an hour to reach this place from Bangalore.

Chiseling with rocky land, this place has gigantic mountains, boulders and granite and its rough terrain is an apt set up  for many thrilling and adventurous activities like trekking, rappelling and rock climbing. Along with that the night stay at the camp will make your trip more enjoyable. Telling stories while sitting around the bonfire and sleeping under the sky full of stars is a cherishable experience. 

This place is also known as the mecca of rock climbers and can be done in 2 days. It is one of the favourable spots that people prefer to visit in order to escape from their regular work. Within a weekend time this camping experience would refresh you. This is a weeknd type trek at Ramanagara is known as the mecca of rock climbers.

Highlights of Ramanagara Trek

The Ramanagara day trek is so exotic and thrilling not only days, even the night treks are also  perfect, its uniqueness will give you an exclusive experience. 

  • Climbing up the rocky land in the dark multiplies the fun and adventure. 
  • You should go on this trek with friends or cousins. It will double the thrill , adventure and joy you will experience from this amazing trek of Ramanagara. Apart from the experience it’s too supportive if you have fellow members who know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and can support you if by chance something bad happens.
  • Kayaking is a waterbody which is thrilling and adds the adventure of the trip. 
  • camping in the middle of green hills and blissful Lake that surround the campsite is a wholesome experience for a weekend trip.
  • Trekking to Ramanagara caves via natural trails in the way is a perfect fulfillment. 
  • The clear sky makes it perfect for stargazing while you stay at night for camping.
  • adventurous activities like Mud volleyball, kayaking, canoeing etc are some of the fun activities.

Basic Essentials During Ramanagara Trek

  1. Remember to keep a torch with you.
  2. Must carry water bottles.
  3. carry Dry fruits, energy bar, chocolates, etc.
  4. Carrying your Personal medication is better. 
  5. Carrying warm jackets for the night is better.

Things to do on Ramanagara Trek

  • Just don’t forget to try the set of sliding games, team-based activities, and adventure activities that are perfect for corporate trips or family outings. 
  • There are some fun and exciting sport activities like Water volleyball, Jumbo cricket, Jumbo Volleyball, Human Football, Raft Building, Pyramid Building, Jungle Survival Theme and many more exciting activities which you can enjoy.
  • Apart from all of these activities you can also enjoy kayaking and canoeing in the lake, swimming in its pristine waters or you can go for thrilling outdoor activities e.g. Archery and ziplining at the camp.
  • Make sure to enjoy camping activities with mouth-watering food served in Breakfast and at the time of supper that would surely satisfy your taste buds!

Things you Need Know

  • Consumption of alcohol is completely and strictly prohibited and not allowed outside the campsite/ near the lake, during your stay.
  • Adventure activities used to be risky and it’s highly recommended that you take medical and life insurance before you do any adventurous activity.
  • Guidelines issued by the State-Government are to be strictly to be followed by each and everyone. 

Mandatory Documents

  1. A valid ID proof like an Adhar Card.
  2. They don’t consider PAN cards as valid Id proof.

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