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Post your best Instagram photos and videos

It’s a common error to believe you can post anything on Instagram; instead, figure out what your followers or business is already interested in and identify hobbies that relate to that, then post on Instagram.

You must post everything and anything on Instagram at first, but not posts that are in all categories.

Read this article to learn how to select a niche that is right for your company. Ideas for Instagram niches: There are only 8 profitable niches in the world.

Then, once you’ve built up a following, only share your finest Instagram material. If you’re undecided about where to publish that wonderful video you just shot, consider Instagram first.


You can see on Facebook and Twitter, their posts seldom reach 1,000 likes until they have million-plus followers, but I’m already receiving 1,000+ likes every post buy Instagram followers greece only 10,000 followers.

That means you can reach out to more of your followers on Instagram to remain connected and make friends with them than you can on other social media platforms.

So go ahead and share your greatest Instagram content.

Method of following for the sake of following

This is the “follow-for-follow” strategy that everyone claims is no longer effective.

Unless they don’t know how merely following individuals and expecting them to follow back can rapidly result in an Instagram activity being blocked on your profile.

  • You wish to utilize Instagram’s direct messages.
  • If they choose to use the follow-for-follow approach, write them a message.
  • If they don’t respond within 24 hours, contact them.
  • Go ahead and work with the ones that respond to you.

To avoid any action being blocked, I took an extra step before pressing the follow button.

Remember what I said about not putting all your eggs in one basket?

How to Get More Instagram Followers

Yes, learning how to build a blog is a crucial piece of advice that no one ever mentions when it comes to how to hack Instagram followers.

You may be using Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms, but you never know when they will ban you.

What’s the worst-case scenario?

As you can scarcely place the affiliate link to generate money on Instagram with affiliate marketing, let alone Facebook, as you can on Facebook.

  • You can only have one link in your Instagram bio.
  • You may place as many affiliate links on Facebook as you like, but your Facebook status will not appear.

What Should You Post on Instagram?

Now that you have your niche ideas and your profile set up, it’s time to prepare your first nine Instagram posts with hashtags, which I’ll go over next, so you don’t get shadowbanned or action blocked for using hashtags, or get zero engagement when you’re new and posting video is asking too much of a stranger to like then follow you.

You may utilize a variety of posts to attract genuine Instagram followers:

If you’re attempting to acquire your first 1000 likes, this is the greatest choice.

  • IG Tales: While publishing photos, you may also use IG stories to post once a day without annoying your Instagram followers.
  • Posting video is the greatest way to attract genuine Instagram followers once you reach 5k followers.
  • IG Carousel: This is comparable to video; if you have between 5k and 10k followers, you may utilize this tool.

When is the best time to post on Instagram to get likes?

Check out these crucial Instagram cheats for more information on how to cheat on Instagram.

How Often Should You Post on Instagram To Gain More Followers? is a common question. How Often Should You Article on Instagram to Gain Followers 1 or 5? is discussed in this blog post. – I explained exactly when you should publish, for example, if you have fewer than 1000 followers, posting 3 to 5 times a day will cause you to buy instagram followers singapore.

Knowing how many times you should publish is the greatest way to obtain real Instagram followers.

You don’t need to figure out what the optimal time is to post on Instagram for likes to obtain genuine Instagram followers when you’re just starting with a new IG and have your first nine posts published.


You don’t have enough followers, therefore you’ll have to wait at least 7 days for the data to appear in your Instagram insights.

Observations on Instagram

In this blog article, the optimal time to post on Instagram, I explain why you should trust your instincts rather than listen to me or other Instagram gurus. https://articleft.com/

Each Instagram account is unique, so reading a blog article from a man who researched 1 million posts to determine the optimal time to publish isn’t going to help you obtain actual Instagram followers.

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