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Post Launch App Mistakes You Need to Watch Out For

Pre and post-launch are equally crucial and critical times for business organizations and developers, in the case of mobile apps. You might think that you have done your hundred percent, and now that the app is in the hand of the users, it is on them to like or dislike it. However, you are mistaken.

The users might not be comfortable with the app due to minor inconveniences, which can be easily fixed. Keeping a close connection with the app and user after the launch is necessary to learn about the issues and fix them. Repeating the common post-launch app mistakes will decrease the number of downloads and rob the interest of the users.

Keep scrolling down this article to get your hands on post-launch mobile app mistakes you need to watch out for and ensure not to repeat them.

Top 7 Post Launch App Mistakes You Must Avoid

Launch events are often the major highlight in each and every industry. The professionals work day and night, at times for months or years, to prepare for the launch. They often ignore the fact that the post-launch period is even more crucial and need them to be up on their feet all the time. In the case of mobile apps, too many issues can pile up post-launch, which should be fixed.

Here are some of the major post-launch mobile app mistakes you must avoid offering a quality experience to the users.

1. Too Many Push Notifications

Push notifications are an effective source of reminding the users to engage with the app even now and then. However, if you bombard the users with too many push notifications, they will not hesitate to uninstall it. Therefore, you must be well aware of the middle ground and just share the right number of notifications to receive a positive response. Ignoring this is a grave mistake, which can lower the success rate of your app.

2. Improper Planning For Updates

Improper planning for updates is one of the most crucial post-launch mobile app mistakes you need to watch out for. Launching the app does not mean that you are done with your responsibility, but you will have to keep a close watch on it. Updates are too critical to improving the performance of the app. You can contact mobile apps development Dubai-based companies to develop apps and ensure regular updates while sharing the detail of changes to attract more users.

3. Ignoring Customer Support

Mobile app users can face multiple issues. Even if you have just launched the app, after fixing all the issues, you should not ignore customer support service. The users should be able to reach you in some way to report the issue. Offering customer support service along with the app launch will boost the trust of the users. It will also increase the number of app downloads as users will know they can consult experts to resolve the issue if any.

4. Neglecting Bugs Fixation

You can never be sure that your mobile app will not develop any bug or issue right after its launch. So, neglecting bugs fixation is another crucial mistake you need to watch out for. It can be due to external or internal issues. Whatever the case, you need to keep a watch on the app after it is launched and fix the bugs as soon as you notice them.

5. Not Analyzing User Engagement

Not analyzing user engagement is one of the key post-launch mobile app mistakes you need to avoid. The purpose of mobile apps is to increase the reach of the target audience and engage more users. However, if you are not analyzing the user engagement, you will not be able to learn the patterns and implement important changes. On the other hand, analyzing the data can offer insightful improvement to ensure the success of your app.

6. Ignoring App Review Requests

Another critical post-launch mobile app mistake you should avoid is ignoring the app review requests. At times the app developers engage random users to get feedback on its performance and engagement. If you are following the suit, you should pay heed to the review. Even if you have not asked for a review, you should check the feedback and recheck the details to ensure a smooth and engaging experience.

7. Not Measuring App Performance

Not measuring the app’s performance is one of the biggest post-launch mistakes you need to watch out for. You might only be focusing on revenue generated by the app, but you should focus more on factors drawing more users. You should explore the features highlighting the app’s performance and the interests of the users. You can consult mobile app companies and let the experts measure performance to improve it and engage more users.

Are You Concerned about Post Launch App Mistakes?

Being concerned will not solve anything. You have to take concrete steps to fix the issue and keep your users satisfied. Do not hesitate to consult professional mobile app developers and get their help to monitor the situation after the app launch and fix all the issues immediately.

Kieran Edwards

Having worked with brands and businesses for nearly a decade, Kieran Edwards creates content to help them communicate with their audiences. Across a range of niches, he develops interesting and thought-provoking content. He has contributed to a number of blogs, including ArticLeft, Web Technology Blog, The Information Minister, Explore Insiders, among others.

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