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Pin Downloader – The ultimate Pinterest photo downloader online

Here is everything you have to know about Pin Downloader. This is the most excellent tool for downloading Pinterest photos, videos, and GIFs. It is fast when connect with a stable Wi-Fi connection. The facility of Pinterest Photo Downloader Online is completely free for anyone who wishes to download whatever media that posted on Pinterest.  However, Pinterest Photo Downloader Online is a third-party tool that is not an associated or sponsored offer of the Pinterest team. Anyone can become a member of this amazing social media platform and share and pin interesting photos, videos, and GIFs to their Pinboards. And this is the best method if you want to save whatsoever media file to your device since there is no direct method of downloading Pinterest files.

Pin Downloader is one of the best Pinterest downloader tools which you can use to download Pinterest photos, videos, GIFs directly from Pinterest.

pinterest photo downloader online

Guide to Pinterest photo downloader

Here is the complete step guide to the ultimate Pinterest photo downloader online. You can follow the same guide to save any media that is shared on the platform.

  • Use your desktop or the smartphone and log in to your Pinterest account
  • Search the photo you want to download
  • Click or tap the share icon, copy the link icon or just copy the address on the address bar. Make sure that the link is copied to the clipboard
  • And then browse the Online Pinterest Photo Downloader web page
  • Go to the download bar and paste the URL that was copied
  • Click or tap the “Download Now” button and remain. Once the preview of the photo will open, click the “Download” button again
  • The photo will save to the device within the next couple of minutes

Facts to remember

  • If there is a certain file size or quality that you wish to download, use the table of Pinterest Photo Downloader Online which displays at the bottom of the preview
  • This tool can open on any web browser using Android, Windows, iOS, or Mac OS X
  • If you did not select a certain photo, just use the search bar of Pinterest and type the topic that you want to download photos. Thousands of results will display there. Then you can check one by one and select the most suitable one for you
  • Smartphone users can use the Pinterest mobile app while the web version is available for desktop users. If it is your PC, simply use two tabs at the same time to open the Pin Downloader and the Pinterest pages
  • Do not close the Pinterest Photo Downloader Online after clicking the “Download Now” button. If you will not click the second “Download” button as well, the process will not complete
  • Your Wi-Fi connection is the next important thing. If it is not stable, the process of the tool too will slower

Is it safe?

Pinterest Photo Downloader Online is a safe tool for one and all. The tool does not record a single detail of its users. Users can easily download any Pinterest file using Pinterest Photo Downloader immediately even without signing up just after loading the web page. 


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