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Moving Tips for your safety

Afraid to ask? To state the obvious? Suddenly, faced with the jargon of your mover, you smile knowingly without necessarily understanding all of his statements. Do not hesitate! Here are the ten key questions to ask yourself before moving!

1. Is there a standard to be sure that the mover I call on is qualified?

Moving professionals have taken the initiative of asking the to create a label of trust for them. Calling on a labeled mover offers you guarantees in terms of quality, reliability, and seriousness on the services provided.

2. My mover refuses to fix my old wall lights on the walls – Is this normal?

Yes, except for a specific collective agreement, be aware that a mover does not take care of work that is the responsibility of other trades. Carpets, parquet floors, washbasins, wall lights, in general, everything that is fixed to the wall… Do not count on him for removal in your old home. Similarly, when prescribed by the mover, you must have the mechanisms of electrical or electronic devices blocked by a specialist.

3. When should the payment for the move be made?

The conditions are to be negotiated upstream with the moving company in Athens. One thing is certain, once the quote is signed, you must pay a deposit. The balance is payable on delivery according to the terms provided for this purpose and accepted in the estimate. In all cases, the company is required to provide you with an invoice.

4. Are there good and bad times for moving?

Except in cases of extreme urgency, forget the beginnings and ends of the month, the expiry dates of rents, or school holidays. So many very busy periods, to avoid to move in all serenity.

5. I take a mover in addition to friends who will be there on D-Day to help… Who does what?

Attention, no confusion in the roles. With your mover, you have committed to specific tasks. No question of your friends coming to spoil the party. If you use a professional mover, you will have obligations. Think about it now to avoid last-minute preparations and define, for the well-being of your loved ones, an organization adapted to the event. Your friends will be able to be at the reception of the boxes that you will have organized beforehand…

6. I am afraid of my valuables – How can I ensure that they are moved correctly?

Trinkets, jewelry, can find their place in the trunk of your car on D-Day. Photograph your belongings, declare them, pack them carefully and everything should be fine. You can even deposit them temporarily in a bank vault. To move with peace of mind, entrust your move to a recognized professional who will ask you to precisely fill out a “declaration of value” whose amount must appear on the estimate. This form will make it possible to determine in writing the overall value of your furniture and the individual value of the objects exceeding a certain amount (variable according to the moving companies) and which constitutes the ceiling of compensation per object.

The member company undertakes to provide its customers with a service in accordance with the ethical rules of the profession and to submit to a preliminary examination which certifies that: – it has been carrying out its activity for at least two years – it complies with the rules professional practices, regulations, and trade practices – it satisfies the checks carried out on certain key elements such as qualification of personnel, vehicles, protective and packaging supplies, information communicated to customers and after-sales service.

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