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Mobile App Design: Top 5 Do’s and Don’ts To Consider

Design plays an integral part in the success of mobile apps. If you neglect this aspect, your business app will fail to hold your audience, no matter how advanced and helpful your app’s features and functionalities are.

An improved UI and UX has the ability to retain your audience using your app. So you must pay more attention to making your app attractive and user-friendly. For this, you can hire a top mobile app development company that has UI/UX designers in its team.

They will help you create an immersive experience for your app users after researching your industry and audience extensively. Moreover, they will know best practices that make your application more user-friendly. 

But you will also have to keep these do’s and don’ts tips in mind when your app is going through a design phase. These tips will help you create an immersive experience for your mobile app, making it sure to get successful.

Do: Design intuitive UI

It seems no-brainer, but many app designers do make this mistake. Designers let their creativity flow in order to make their apps distinct and innovative. But sometimes, they create something that looks pleasant but not convenient.

Users must find the interaction with your app intuitive and natural. And any change in standard design practices might disrupt their experience. For example, users find vertical scrolling more convenient. If your app features some elements that scrolls horizontally, it might bother your users, resulting in app abandonment.

Don’t: Make a mobile app similar to your website

Your app and website might have the same content and branding elements. But there is a difference in how your users interact with mobile apps and your website. Mobile app users are more likely to be in a hurry, so your app should feature content comprehensible in one glance.

The more important information should be at the top of your app layout. For example, if you have a restaurant app, essential information like location and working hours should be easily findable before the menu and specials. As per BrightLocal, 38% of app users become disinterested if they can not find the company’s address.

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Do: Thorough Testing

Designing a functional and engaging app should be your top priority. But you may also want to test your application rigorously. Testing will help you find potential design errors that might disturb the development process later on.

Tools like Responsinator will help you extensively test your app design. It is a virtual simulator that gives you an idea about how your app will perform on an actual mobile device. But this does not eliminate the need of testing your app on physical devices; you will also have to use real mobile phones.

Don’t: Low-resolution media files

While using low-resolution images and graphics may seem like a good idea as they can reduce loading time and improve your app’s performance. But mind that it may also make your business application look unprofessional and outdated.

Apple’s developer page gives a thorough guide on do’s and don’ts in mobile app design. And it states that low-resolution images will appear blurry in a retina display. Moreover, loading issues are solvable with coding, so you don’t have to compromise quality for performance.

Do: Keep your audience in mind

After all, you are designing for your audience, so they should be in focus from start to finish. Speed is one of the most admired elements in user experience. Therefore, your app should be performant and speedy, offering all the information in no more than five seconds.

If some process takes time to finish, you should not keep your app still. Instead, show your users that the process is going on with animation or changing screen colours. This indicates to the user that the process is still on, so they won’t leave the app.

Final Thoughts

Keeping these tips in mind will ensure your mobile app design is stunning and appropriate to your audience. But this can only be possible if you hire an android developer from a professional IT company. They will have a team of designers to professionally design your app, keeping your target audience in focus. A mobile app designed according to your users increases the chance of getting success.

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