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Medical Office Cleaning: Infection Control and Profitability

We know that health and cleanliness always go together,

Cleanliness goes hand in hand with health. To prevent germs and infections from spreading in medical clinics, extensive and regular cleaning is needed.

Conceptual photo of a hospital worker cleaning the ward

Every year, germs transmitted in healthcare facilities around the world affect millions of people. There are studies that reveal that we can reduce this alarming number of infections by over 30% with adequate infection control procedures that involve the cleaning of medical consultations by highly qualified and specialized companies and cleaning professionals.  

Areas need to focus on

The following areas are among those in which medical centers (irrespective of their size) need a thorough and adequate cleaning: Examination rooms require thorough cleaning with ‌disinfectants to remove any bacterial contamination that has occurred.

  • The waiting areas, where sick people wait together for their turn to visit and where coughs, sneezes, etc. occur. in a small space and shared air.

A cleaning service with a lack of professionalism, experience or the right products cannot meet these needs. 

Cleaning a medical dispensary requires a qualified and experienced cleaning company. We can get these services from a professional cleaning company. Medical center cleaning companies know which areas require special cleaning attention and the procedures to eliminate risks of contagion.

Why hire or outsourced professional cleaners or cleaning companies?

Unlike non-professional cleaning, medical office cleaning companies have trained our staff in handling medical waste in a specific way. Specialty cleaners know how to dispose of those specific materials according to regulations or standards set by the EPA and can commit to properly handling their disposal properly.

There are many special cleaning services that should be considered getting the job done. We must provide the professional with the knowledge, tools and techniques necessary to do it well. 

While home cleaning services do not use protective equipment. We use protective equipment such as gowns, gloves, and masks to clean potentially contaminated areas. Adapting them to the materials and/or actual situations. 


Our team knows exactly the correct procedures to perform, and we handle the appropriate and approved powerful disinfectants for the hospital. We use that to eliminate germs, bacteria, viruses, etc from areas with infection. 

We also know the different spaces that require special cleaning attention, such as “high-touch. 

potentially contaminated spaces, adapting these to the different materials and/or real needs.

 We also know exactly the proper procedures to perform and we handle the appropriate and approved powerful disinfectants for hospital use that eliminate dirt and germs, bacteria, viruses,… from areas of infection. We also know the different spaces that require special cleaning attention, such as “high-touch. areas” including patient beds, keyboards, phones, tables and chairs, TV and remote controls, light switches and door handles, etc.

What Is the Best Frequency for Professional Cleaning?

There is not a one-size-fits-all answer for just how often a medical facility needs to be cleaned professionally. 

Answers to the following questions lead to making that decision:

  1. Is the building home to a medical clinic or healthcare facility? If so, we must conduct sanitization and cleaning daily.
  2. In an office that employs many people and sees a lot of patients every day, deep cleaning will be required daily. Less frequent deep cleaning may be necessary in an administrative medical office that does not see patients.
  3. In spring and summer, people living with allergies have more difficulty breathing, which may require more frequent cleanings as pollen accumulates.

Cleaning companies specialized in medical offices are vital for the long-term success of the health company, since patients appreciate and demand a very high level of cleanliness, where they feel safe and free from contagion.

This security makes patients more likely to become loyal clients and also to recommend the clinic and its facilities to their family and friends. After all, anyone will always choose a ‌clean medical facility over one that is dirty and offers no guarantees for their health.

Investing in a market-leading cleaning company that has a direct impact on the short, medium and long-term profitability of a health center.

Medical offices and clinics require more professional, thoughtful, and specialized cleaning than most other businesses, for health, quality, and economy.

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