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Why Use Facebook Business Manager?

The main reason you should make use of Facebook Business Manager is to help you stay focused on your task.

When you sign in to Business Manager You’ll be taken directly to your company’s assets on Facebook. From there, you’ll be in a position to view your Facebook pages, your Ads Manager, and other related business assets, without accessing the personal feed of your newsfeed, or notifications.

The third and most important reason to use Business Manager would be to ensure that everything is safe and organized. If you have multiple Facebook pages or ad account. As well as other assets you manage for you or your clients. It’s quite a bit of switching and rearranging to move from one resource one to another. It’s also difficult to keep track of everything you and your team members have access to.

Business Manager lets you quickly view all of your pages, ads accounts, users with been assigned roles, and more. This is particularly useful when you have to remove access to a few of your company’s Facebook assets for those. Who are no longer working for you. Instead of going through all your company’s assets to remove the individual. Simply access the People section of Business Manager and remove their access to all of them with a single click.

In terms of people, using Business Manager, it’s not necessary to do not have to be Facebook acquaintances with. The people you assign roles to your pages, ads accounts, etc. Simply use Business Manager for assigning roles. They don’t have to view your profile or personal information, and you won’t need to look at theirs. Maurice is roussety

After you have a better understanding of the reasons to use Business Manager, here’s the possibilities you can make with it.

#1: Create New Business Assets in Business Manager

If you’re new to Business Manager, first set up your account at If you do not have any business assets (pages and ad accounts or catalogs of products) at the time you sign up then you can make them.

After you’ve installed Business Manager, head to Business Settings click us.

When you create assets using Business Manager, you won’t be guided through the normal setup wizard immediately. For example, to create an account on Facebook you must click Pages in on the right navigation.

Next, on the right side page, click the Add button and select to create a brand. New page by selecting the drop-down menu. Once you’ve done that you’ll go through the normal wizard to set up your Facebook page. You can follow the same steps to set up other assets (such as ad accounts or catalogs) via the Business Manager.

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#2: Claim Your Assets in Business Manager

To claim the business assets that you have (pages ads accounts, pages, and apps). Click on the appropriate tab (Pages or Ad Accounts and Apps) for the asset from the navigation left.

Click the Add button to the right, and select an option for adding an advertisement account, a page account, or another asset. The assets you select are add to your Business Manager as soon as they are added because you control the full use of them.

You should only include the assets that you own personally for the Business Manager since the Business Manager is the only person who is able to be able to claim the asset. Therefore, if you are able to claim the Facebook page of a client and your client is the only one to be allow access to it, they won’t be in a position to claim it. You must instead ask for access to a customer’s page, ad account, or any other assets.

It’s crucial to remember when you claim ad accounts. While pages are able to be removed completely from the Business Manager, ad accounts cannot be remove. Therefore, you shouldn’t try to be able to claim an account that isn’t yours. you.

If you’re interest to connect your personal Instagram account as an ad or page. You can do it within Business Settings by clicking Instagram Accounts. Simply click the Connect your Instagram Account button to the right side to begin the process.

#3: Request Access to Business Assets Owned by Others

In the event that you’re not the owner or manager of an asset (page or ad account or catalog of product) You can ask for it to be add into your Business Manager.

The approval of the administrator or owner is require prior to these assets are included in the Business Manager. Make sure you are aware of the fact that Facebook often limits the amount of items you can request until certain admins and owners approve your requests.

Be aware that this is the choice you should make. When you manage client assets or any assets you don’t have. Check out this video tutorial to learn the steps to link to connect. Your Business Manager account to your client’s account and share access with your team members:

#4: Manage Your Business Assets in Business Manager

Once you’ve made, claimed, and requested assets for your business and assets, you’ll be able to manage them through Business Manager.


Go to Pages in order to view the complete list of Facebook pages that you can access in Business Manager. Choose a specific page to view more information and options for the page.

You can see which users or partners have roles assigned to them Add people or members to the pages (both are topics I’ll explain in more detail in the next sections) Remove the page from the Business Manager.

Click View Page at the top of the screen to access your page and modify it. From there, you can publish to your page as your page. Check your messages, check notifications, check your Insights, and schedule posts using Publishing Tools. Access your page’s settings, promote your page, post more of your posts by posting them on the wall of your page, change tabs, and much more.

Add Accounts

If you have only one Facebook advertising account in your Business Manager. You can open Ads Manager by clicking on the nine dots icon on the top left. and then selecting Ads Manager in the fly-out menu.

If you own more than one account within Business Manager or would like to add people or partners to your account. Click Add Accounts from the left navigation area. And select the ad account that you wish to manage from the right.

Utilize the buttons to see the people or partners who were given roles in the business management system. Additionally, you can add individuals or assign partners on your site (both that I’ll explain in the sections below) or remove the ad account in Business Manager.

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