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Make Your Party Fun And Nostalgic With Classic Arcade Games!

Want to go retro this birthday? Want to relive those old golden moments? There can be nothing better than setting up an arcade game birthday party! When there were no computers, no smartphones, and no internet, there was one thing that always got us thrilling – classic arcade video games!

Arcade games are so much fun!

When thinking of throwing an awesome party for your next birthday for those long-lost friends, or those who have been with you since childhood, make it a birthday party with a trending arcade game theme. Show your kids all the social fun they’ve missed by getting themselves so engrossed on all these social media platforms, all in their small smartphone screen. Show them how getting physically social is so much more fun than getting in virtual touch. After all, arcade games are entertainment for everyone, irrespective of age or gender!

Arcade games are simple and pleasant

Arcade games are simple with easy storylines, simple controls, and quick gameplay. They aren’t complex or fierce like today’s smartphone games. It’s only those who grew up playing these arcade games, who can know how they spent their childhood with happy adrenaline-filled games, competing with their friends and siblings, building happy fun-filled memories for the future.

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Torq03 – The perfect arcade game venue

Torq03, a place where every Bangalorean loves going, offers classic video arcade games in Bangalore. With more than 30 different video games set up here, you have the choice of playing arcade games from a huge inventory of new titles, as well as refurbished classics like Toy Story, Moto GP, King of Hammer, Transformers Theatre, Pac Man Alley, and many other hard-to-find titles. With all such games, every kind of gamer can find something of their interest and preference to play for sure.

Further, it’s not all play. You can also have your guests win exciting prizes, ranging from as low as 10 tickets to 10,000 tickets mega prize. They can also stand a chance to win X-boxes and play stations, Samsung phones, and more! Setting up your party at Torq03 is thus not only fun but scoring too.

Let the party planners at Torq03 thus plan your perfect party. Torq03 is fully equipped and ready to host any kind of party; whether it is for friends, family, or colleagues, an entire environment can be set up to match your preference, all in the most professional manner. You can have your arcade-themed party set up with some music and dance games to get your guests moving. You can have some old classic songs played for getting that perfect nostalgic feeling! You can also arrange for some delicious snacks and drinks at The Podium Sports Bar, or arrange for a complete lunch or dinner at the restaurant to make it a complete party.

What’s more? If arcade games in Bangalore aren’t enough, you can burn some more energy with the variety of sports games available at the premises, like Go Karting, bowling, indoor cricket, laser tag, laser maze, shooting range, and more. Hence, from games to food, you’ll find no shortage of fun and thrill at Torq03!

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