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Lithium Hardcore Batteries, The Best Source of Renewable Energy

Lithium Hardcore Batteries, The Best Source of Renewable Energy

The technical breakthroughs have supplied us with a wide variety of batteries. Batteries today come in a variety of chemistries, designs, and charging cycles. One of the most prevalent and extensively used batteries is a lithium hardcore battery. Because of their stable chemistry and renewable energy factor, deep cycle batteries are perfect for energy storage.

In terms of functioning, deep cycle batteries are functionally similar to starter batteries. On the other hand, deep cycle batteries provide continuous power for an extended time instead of starter batteries.

On the other hand, a starting battery provides more vigorous power bursts for a shorter time. A deep cycle battery can power a machine or engine, in layman’s terms, continuously.

Simultaneously, a starter battery can aid with the start-up of an engine or gadget. Our batteries are designed to survive extreme climates while delivering maximum power, providing customers with long-lasting and dependable batteries. These batteries offer a long-term energy storage solution.

What Exactly Are Lithium Deep Cycle Batteries?

Deep cycle batteries are essentially modern lead-acid batteries. They are, however, more dependable and provide more power than a lead-acid battery.

Like standard lead-acid batteries, deep cycle batteries are acid-filled on the inside. On the other hand, the acid is either in the form of a gel or is enclosed between the battery cells. In the case of flooded batteries, however, the acid might directly contact the battery cells. Deep cycle batteries can be classified into numerous different varieties based on this.

  • Deep cycle flood battery
  • Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Batteries
  • Sealed deep cycle batteries
  • Deep cycle gel battery

Are Lithium Deep Cycle Batteries Better Than Others?

Yes, the answer is yes! A high-capacity deep cycle battery generates renewable energy. As a result, deep cycle batteries contribute to a cleaner and greener environment. Deep cycle batteries are environmentally friendly since they pose no risk to the environment.

These batteries can be disposed of more safely when opposed to lead-acid batteries. When disposed of in a landfill, lead-acid batteries can induce heavy metal seepage inside the soil. It contaminates groundwater, which is subsequently retrieved and drank by humans. As a result, primary health problems will arise in the future. As a result, deep cycle batteries are safer because they do not offer such risks.

The Most Reliable Battery Manufacturer in Australia

Deep Cycle Systems excels in the manufacturing of lithium hardcore batteries. Inverters, deep cycle batteries, lithium batteries, pure sine wave inverters, solar systems, solar batteries, solar chargers, deep cycle battery chargers, and lithium battery chargers are among our many products. We have been offering exceptional energy solutions to our valued consumers for many years. Our years of research, development, and expertise now place us among the best in the industry.

Deep Cycle Systems Pty Ltd is a technology based company located in Tambourine Mountain, Australia.

We specialize in the design and manufacture of lithium battery related technologies such as Battery Management Systems, Cell Management Systems, DC charging integrated circuits such as solar MPPT and dc-dc.

We also have our own cell testing and manufacturing arm by which we design and assemble lithium battery packs for our company under the ‘DCS Lithium’ brand and also private label batteries for other companies.

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