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Lexus car price in Nigeria

Lexus car price in Nigeria

Brand-new Lexus GX460 Prices in Nigeria

The current Lexus car price in Nigeria GX460 version of this series can still be found in pristine condition in Nigeria. It is an all-wheel drive vehicle that measures 4,856mm in length, 1,933mm in width and has a wheelbase measuring 2,850mm. It weighs 2,452 kilograms total.

Price differences may occur due to changes in the currency exchange rate and years of production, as well as other factors.

The Lexus GX is extremely off-road-worthy. It boasts 263 horsepower and 323 pound feet of torque thanks to its 4.7-litre V8 motor. The GX offers the perfect combination of size, power, and seating. The luxurious interior is the cherry on top. A good mix of power and size helps to make the vehicle more powerful. Off-roaders often complain about the 4Runner’s lack of power. The Land Cruiser’s large size is also a problem. Both of these problems can be solved by the GX. It is also more affordable to purchase. For the lowest prices on the Lexus GX470 or GX460,

Overview of the Lexus GX Series

Lexus, the luxury division of Toyota’s most well-known car manufacturer, is known for its high-quality and stylish products. The Lexus GX 460 is a giant on the roads. Lexus GX, which stands for Grand Crossover, is located between the RX crossover vehicle and full-size offroad vehicles – LX SUVs. It was built largely on the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado platform with a four-wheel drive layout. It is powered by Toyota’s 4.7l 32-valve 4-cam 2UZ–DE V8 engine. The Lexus GX470 was the first to introduce this series.

The luxury mid-size SUV was a huge success in all major car markets around the world, including Nigeria. GX470’s attractive body styling and comfortable interiors have maintained its popularity in Nigeria. The production of this model was halted in 2009 and the Lexus GX460 took its place. Lexus GX460, which is based on GX470’s previous platform, incorporates additional automotive technologies to improve its quality, aesthetic highlights, and durability. GX460 includes new safety features such as Pre-Collision System and lane departure warning system. Driver Monitoring System is also included. Lexus Enform with Safety Connect Telematics is another important feature.


Let’s start with the basics: What is Lexus?

Toyota Motor Corp owns Lexus. It’s the same company that makes Toyota Corollas and Highlanders as well as RAV4s.

In 1989, Lexus introduced its first two sedans. These were the ES 250 and LS 400.

These vehicles have been the standard Lexus vehicle. Lexus sold more than 63,000 ES and LS vehicles in America in 1990.

Other vehicle styles followed the LS/ES. These include Lexus coupes and convertibles, hybrids and SUVs. The Lexus brand is now sold in more than 70 countries.

It is headquartered in Japan and is ranked among the top 10 Japanese global brands. The United States is Lexus’s largest market, outside of Japan.

Is LEXUS a good car?

Lexus is a highly-respected car brand that offers smooth driving, high quality comfort and a remarkable resale price.


Lexus is the world’s leader in vehicle awards. Lexus continues to win quality awards, and is the top-ranked vehicle in its class. Its most recent accomplishments include:

  • U.S. News & World Report (2017): Lexus RX Luxury 2-Row SUV.
  • Kelley Blue Book Brand Image Awards for Best Luxury Brand (2016 and 2017).
  • Kelley Blue Book Brand Image Awards 2016 and 2017: Most Trusted Luxury Brand
  • J.D. J.D.
  • Edmunds’ Most Wanted Award 2017 for the RX 350 & ES 350

Is Lexus a great car? These awards speak for themselves.


Every Lexus is built for smooth driving.

Because Lexus vehicles drive like champions, it is the luxury brand that Lexus chooses to be. Modern engineering makes it possible to enjoy a smooth and pleasant driving experience. Lexus cars deliver peaceful driving experiences.

The ES and LS Lexus models offer superior comfort and excellent handling on the roads. To enhance its suspension, the LS uses a multimode driving system. This allows drivers to have more control and provides a smooth ride.

What makes Lexus such a great car? It’s easy to drive a Lexus. Both drivers and passengers agree that driving in a Lexus is an enjoyable experience.


It was never more enjoyable to sit in a car.

Lexus does not design vehicles to be beautiful. Comfort is the king in a Lexus. Every vehicle’s cabin combines high-performance and comfort.

Lexus is known for its high quality standards. Every element, from the interior cloth to where the steering wheel is located, has been designed for the driver. Lexus improves your driving experience by using state-of the-art technology and features.


You may still be unsure if Lexus is a good vehicle. However, Lexus’ dependability is its strength.

Lexus was awarded J.D. For the seventh consecutive year, Lexus received J.D. This brand was ranked first overall among luxury car brands.

High-quality liquid metal stage quality is a hallmark of Lexus engines. The metal is stronger because it contains less gasses. Lexus vehicles are reliable, reliable, and long-lasting because of the high-quality care they receive throughout manufacturing.


Lexus is more than a student. Lexus is the leader in innovative features and new vehicles.

Lexus was the first luxury hybrid vehicle in the world. It was the first brand with an eight-speed automatic transmission. Lexus cars were the first to have low-beam led headlamps that improve nighttime vision.

Lexus is a great car. Lexus is a leader in the automotive world.


Lexus engineering places a lot of emphasis on fuel efficiency. Lexus is not the right vehicle for you if you are looking for a gas-guzzler that will make you rich.

The Lexus hybrids offer the highest mileage on the market. The reigning champion is the Lexus ES 300h. The majority of Lexus sedans achieve between 26 to 31 MPG , while hybrid sedans reach 40 MPG.

Lexus makes reliable vehicles that are fuel efficient.


Lexus vehicles are known for their high quality. It’s easy to sell your Lexus when it has one of the highest resale value.

When you drive your car home, the value of your car drops 10%. Luxury vehicles lose 40% over the course of five-years. However, Lexus remains the leader in resale values.

Lexus’ high resale values are recognized by Kelley Blue Book year after year. Lexus was awarded the Best Resale Valu by Kelley Blue Book for Best Luxury Cars in 2017. Edmunds also recognized Lexus cars as luxury vehicles that maintain their value.

Is Lexus a great car? It is when you purchase it and it is still there when you sell it.


Lexus maintains high quality standards for its customers as well as the environment. Lexus vehicles last a lifetime, are durable, have a high value and don’t pollute the environment.

Lexus’s hybrid cars have been the most successful push to go green. The hybrids are more efficient than other sedans in terms of energy consumption and fuel efficiency, which helps reduce the impact on our environment.


Yes, Toyota owns Lexus. Toyota makes Lexus. Why not buy a Toyota instead?

Although the cars are owned by the same parent company they are unique. Lexus makes great efforts to distinguish itself from Toyota.

Are you willing to pay more for a Lexus Certainly. Its high-quality cabin, drive and fuel efficiency are all reflected in the price.

Toyota and Lexus cars have similar drivetrains, and share the same features. They are made using different manufacturing processes. Toyota is a trusted brand, but Lexus consistently outperforms it.


Tell me: Is Lexus a good vehicle?

Lexus is a premium brand. They are reliable, comfortable, and more responsive than other vehicles on the market. Lexus cars are fuel efficient, environmentally-friendly, and maintain their resale value.

You can take one for a test-drive if you are unsure. This will allow you to experience all that Lexus has on offer. It’s also possible to compare Lexus cars with the competition such as the Lexus GX 460 vs. the Acura MDX, or the Lexus ES vs. the Audi A6. This will help you decide if Lexus car is right for you. This decision may be made easier by looking through the Lexus warranty options.

These are the 6 Best Lexus Models

Lexus is the Japanese carmaker Toyota’s luxury vehicle division. Lexus has a reputation for high quality and craftsmanship over the years.

Lexus is the most popular premium car brand in Japan, with more than 70 territories and countries promoting it. It is one of the top 10 global brands with the highest market value in Japan.

  • 1. Lexus GX (Full size Luxury SUV)
  • 2. Lexus RX is a mid-size luxury crossover SUV that can be used as a Lexus RX.
  • 3. Lexus IS 300 (Compact executive car)
  • 4. Lexus LS XF40 Full-size luxury sedan
  • 5. Lexus LFA (Sports cars).
  • 6. Lexus LS 600hL Landaulet (Full size luxury sedan)

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