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KDSPY: Keyword Research For Writers Made Easy

In this article, we discuss a powerful tool for your books’ promotional materials: KDSPY.


Keywords: it seems like every writer who wants to market their book is talking about them these days. Blogs, social media sites, and even the best book marketing consultants all seem to be talking about keywords. The truth is that keywords can make a difference in how you market your book on Amazon alone.


Because keywords are how readers find books. This article will talk about what keywords are, why they are important, and how using a tool called KDSPY can help you find the right ones for your books.

Keywords are important for SEO, which means it’s important to optimize your book titles and descriptions on the Amazon product pages. But keywords are also helpful in other ways: they help with marketing and ranking, as well as sales.

KDSPY’s tool can help writers find unique phrases based on what they already know about their audience while also helping them identify potential competitors before they publish anything!

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Why Should You Care As A Writer?

As a writer, you should care about keywords because they’re important for ranking and finding readers. Keywords are also a way to sell more books (which is obviously important).

When someone searches for the term “my favorite books” on Amazon or another e-commerce platform like eBay or Etsy, their results will be full of products related to “favorite books” that contain those words within their title; this includes books with similar content but different titles than yours.

Rankings matter! They help you get more views, which can lead to more sales.

Keywords are an essential part of marketing your book on Amazon as well as other platforms such as Kobo and Google Play Books.

So What Is This KDSPY Thing All About?

KDSPY helps writers find profitable keywords to use in their book descriptions and other marketing assets such as Facebook ads or blog posts aimed at promoting their books (such as this one). The tool has been around since 2014 and has helped thousands of authors find success by helping them choose the right words for their titles, blurbs, and other promotional material.

KDSpy uses the Google Keyword Planner API to provide real-time keyword suggestions based on their search volume and competitiveness (i.e., how easy it is for someone to rank for that term). It also lets you track all of the rankings of your keywords so that you can see what pages are ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs) – letting you know which ones are performing best!

KDSPY Features

KDSPY is a keyword research tool. It’s a cloud-based tool and it’s web-based, too. It’s paid and it’s also free to use if you have less than 10 keywords in mind. If you don’t have any idea what exactly KDSPY does or what it’s all about, read on!

It helps writers find out whether their book titles are already being used by other authors around the world and what those books are about so that they can write something better than the rest of the competition out there.

KDSPY is available for both desktop users (Mac OS X) as well as mobile users (iOS), so no matter where you are, you can use it at any time without having to worry about connectivity issues or compatibility problems with your device’s operating system version/browser version combination.

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How KDSPY Can Help You Find The Right Keywords

In order to find the right keywords, you need a tool that can help you:

  • Find keywords that relate to your book. In this case, KDSPY lets you search for relevant terms based on their popularity and how often they are searched for.
  • Find keywords that relate to your book’s genre or topic. You can also create a list of words related to specific topics or genres by using our advanced features like filters and sorting options!

Auto-Generated Book Descriptions

KDSPY has a feature that allows you to create automatic book descriptions with an easy-to-use interface. The goal of this feature is to help you write descriptions that will attract readers, make your book stand out from the competition, and convince them to buy it.

To get started with KDSPY’s auto-generated book description tool all you have to do is click on “Edit Book Details” in the top right corner of your dashboard and select “Auto Generate Book Description.” Here are some tips for writing a good Amazon book description:

  • Use short sentences broken up by bullet points or lists when possible
  • Include keywords at least three times (in one location each time)

KDSPY Pricing

KDSPY is free to use. Yes, you read that right—you can get KDSPY at no cost to you or your wallet.

There’s a catch though: KDSPY offers a 30-day free trial that gives you access to their premium features and tools, but after 30 days you will have to pay for the service if you want it longer than that.

However, if this sounds like too long of an investment for your writing needs then don’t worry! KDSPY also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee so if there are any problems with using it within those first few weeks then simply contact customer support and they will refund all of your money (minus any fees from payment processors).

And as is always important when selecting anything online based on price alone (especially when paying with credit cards), make sure that they offer various plans at different prices so there’s something available depending on how much money each month matters to them personally/business-wise.”

Is KDSPY Worth It?

Keyword research is an important part of any marketing strategy, and therefore essential to writers who want to promote their books. KDSPY is an excellent tool for finding keywords that will help you reach your target audience and get sales. If you’re struggling with this process on your own, it’s worth a try!

Depending on how much money you want to spend, there are many different options available:

  • Free version – this includes keyword suggestions from the top 20 search engines (Google, Amazon)
  • Standard version – provides access to all features of the software
  • Professional version – provides automated keyword generation features

KDSPY Can Help You Find Profitable Keywords For Your Book

KDSPY can help you find profitable keywords for your book. The tool is designed to help writers and authors generate keyword ideas that are relevant to their books. It’s also meant to help them keep track of which keywords they’re using on their websites, social media platforms, and other marketing channels.

KDSPY: Conclusion

KDSPY is a useful tool for finding the best keywords for your book. It’s easy to use and has a lot of features to make your life easier, from auto-generated descriptions to analysis tools that help you find profitable keywords in seconds. If you’re looking for something more advanced, KDSPY might not be for you—but if you need a simple way to find great keywords, it could be just what you’re looking for.

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