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Is Rewriting In Academic Writing Considered As Plagiarism?

In academic writing, the issue of plagiarism is increasing day by day. Some students do this intentionally, while the others one unintentionally.



In academic writing, the issue of plagiarism is increasing day by day. Some students do this intentionally, while the others one unintentionally. That time had gone when everyone used to write original content. Now, the technique of rewriting is widespread. Some writers take rewriting as plagiarism. So, this article aims to discuss if rewriting is plagiarism or not.

What is Rewriting in Academic Writing?

Rewriting in academic writing is a technique to work on existing work. . If you are rewriting a document, you are supposed to make changes to it. These changes include amendments in the structure of sentences. Furthermore, it includes amendments in the vocabulary of a document. The document you have selected for rewriting may have mistakes. These mistakes can be related to grammar and punctuation. So, you have to correct all of the grammar and punctuation mistakes present in the document.

Apart from all that, rewriting aims to remove all spelling mistakes. Rewriting is frequently used in writing.  Students have to work on an assignment daily. Also, they have to complete their major and minor projects within the specified range of time. To deal with all such tasks on time, students prefer to go for rewriting in academic writing. You can also rewrite rather than work on a whole new document. Report writing and proposals can also be made by hiring a dissertation proposal writing service or rewriting in academic writing.

What is the Purpose of Rewriting?

Academic writing is practiced at a bachelor’s or higher level. Here, we are supposed to work with smart techniques. Undoubtedly, hard work is the key to success, but this advanced era of technology focuses on smart work. The technique of rewriting is also smart to work. Every student aims to secure good grades. If someone did not get good marks, it does not mean he hasn’t tried for it. It is all about students’ techniques that help them secure the best results. Rewriting academic writing saves you loads of time. In a short duration of time, you can cover many tasks.

Another purpose of rewriting in academic writing is to improve writing skills. Good writing skill is a demand of every reputable institute and organization. You can learn about writing style and format by rewriting a document.

Critical evaluation of many problems is done very frequently in academic writing. Also, the analysis technique is an essential requirement in academic writing. Professional writers suggest practicing rewriting in academic writing to have a command of these skills.  

One of the essential purposes of rewriting is to make the document attractive to the reader. By changing the choice of words and making other changes, you can better grasp the reader’s attention. Also, it trims unnecessary sections and repeated sentences. In this way, the reader remains engaged.

Is Rewriting Considered Plagiarism?

Most of the students take rewriting as plagiarism. If you think the same, you will have to think again. First of all, you have to make it clear in your mind what does plagiarism means? Plagiarism is all about copying someone’s work and presenting it as your own. You can also take it as stealing content. Other than content, the stealing of ideas is also plagiarism. Whenever you do so, you are supposed to cite the original writer. Plagiarised content without citation comes under an unethical consideration. The original writer has the authority to take action against you.

On the other hand, rewriting in academic writing is different from plagiarism. In rewriting, you do not copy someone’s work, but you take that content and make changes to that original content. Here, you need to understand the difference between copying and making changes in a document. Your purpose is not to take someone’s work and show it as your own in rewriting. It is to make changes to make it more understandable according to your point of view. You make amendments to turn low-quality content into high-quality content. The work remains the same as of the original writer. You have rewritten it so that it is now your work. A new amendment in the document changes its original meaning. You are supposed to use synonyms or change the sentence structure to make it unique. In this way, the original meaning of the content remains the same.

What Counts as Plagiarism in Academic Writing?

Different acts are counted as plagiarism. These acts are mentioned below:

  • It is plagiarism if you copy someone’s data and do not cite the original author. Make it clear in your mind that the original author has the authority to take action against this act. In the world of academic writing, plagiarism is considered dishonesty. It shows that you are making a name without any effort.
  • Other than copying the content, many acts are considered plagiarism. It includes using different words from a credible personality without using quotation marks. Many writers remove quotation marks and present someone’s thoughts as their own. This act is also considered plagiarism. You need to copy the words of the author in original form. It must have everything as it is. The words and the quotation marks need to remain the same.
  • One more act is termed plagiarism in academic writing. If you have not copied someone’s content but the idea only, it is also plagiarism. In this era of technology, many tools can identify all of these plagiarism types.

Final Thoughts 

Based on the explanation mentioned above, it is clear that rewriting in academic writing is not the same as plagiarism. Rewriting and plagiarism are two different terms. Rewriting is a positive act, while plagiarism is a hostile act. The act of plagiarism causes a loss of credibility for a writer. So, try to avoid it as an academic writer.


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