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Installing high-quality ceiling wall panels inside commercial interiors

Author Bio – Jenny Andrews was looking for ceiling wall panels for her commercial space. She wanted to get a high-quality PVC ceiling board but was looking for a reputed manufacturer. Jenny found Duramax online and ordered customized PVC ceiling paneling for her interiors. Jenny was extremely happy with the wall and ceiling board and on-time delivery.

Excess humidity inside the commercial and industrial sectors is a great cause of concern. The PVC ceiling board made from 100% virgin vinyl is better than other weak wall materials. The ceiling wall panels need to be durable, waterproof, sturdy, and easy to maintain. The PVC ceiling paneling is much better than drywall or FRP for numerous reasons. Commercial and industrial applications like dairy farms, kennels, shipping containers, breweries, grow rooms, and other wet environments need a strong, water-resistant wall covering. PVC panels effectively control humidity and wall damage for a long time without much expense. Here are a few reasons why you should invest in PVC panels to cover walls and ceilings.

Long-lasting wall panels 

The PVC ceiling board manufactured with the purest vinyl material lasts 45 years minimally after installation. The wall panel board does not require any repairs, replacing, repainting, or refinishing. The wall panels are highly durable and strong because of the inner webbed truss design and ½ inch thick structure, making them extremely sturdy and resilient. The wallboard is impact-resistant and can withstand strong blows, abuses, high impacts, and scratches. The plastic wall panels have the longest lifespan and can outlive all other wall materials with minimal upkeep.


The ceiling wall panels need to be 100% water-resistant. The vinyl panels are resistant to moisture and impermeable to water vapor. The PVC panels are ideal for wet environments and maintain cleanroom sanitary conditions. The wall panels have a non-porous surface and no backers that can absorb the moisture. The PVC wall panels shed off the moisture. Unlike drywall or FRP, the vinyl panels don’t swell up or peel off due to high moisture absorption. If you are looking for a waterproof wall covering that’s durable, strong, and sturdy – then choose vinyl-coated material.

Easy to install 

The PVC ceiling paneling is the easiest to install. The panels have the fastest installation time without any external fittings. The PVC panel installation comes with a hidden fastener system that provides a seamless fit that’s strong, long-lasting, and aesthetically appealing. The wall panels take only 7 to 8 hours or even less if you hire skilled laborers for the job. However, PVC wall panels generally come in DIY kits with an installation guide. The wall panels require no backers or additional materials for the installation. Everything needed lies inside the kit, making the installation hassle-free and affordable. The durable panels require no repairs or heavy-duty maintenance for years, adding up to the affordability quotient.

Virtually no maintenance 

The vinyl panels require minimal upkeep and no professional care. The wall panels are white and bright yet do not need regular cleaning. You can occasionally clean the wall panels with a damp mop and detergent. The panels being chemical-resistant can also be bleached or wiped with a detergent. The wall panels are much easier to maintain than FRP or drywall, which again makes PVC a big favorite among businesses.

Wrapping up

Duramax PVC panels are affordable, coming at factory-direct rates. The panels arrive customized and get dispatched within only 2 weeks. Request a quote now. Avail your free sample.

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