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How to Use Critical Approach When Evaluating a Dissertation Topic

Do you have critical writing skills? Because they’re highly important in today’s world. Critical writing skills are essential for completing research courses and evaluating a dissertation topic in universities. They are also important for you to work as a manager, and for making decisions. As a research student, you will see many dissertations that have to assess. You need good critical analysis skills to do this. If you are good at critical writing, you may be able to do good research. Moreover, you are also able to get the best from a dissertation in this way. First of all, you must know what critical analysis is. It is the detailed evaluation of someone’s work.

You have to give your interpretation of someone’s work. A good critical analysis examines the work through neutral means. It means that you have to show both positive, as well as negative sides of the work. If you’re evaluating a dissertation, this approach will make your work worthy. In this article, you will learn how to do critical evaluation of a dissertation topic. The critical approach for evaluating any dissertation is not an easy task. You must have an understanding of the dissertation before you analyse it. Further, you have to focus on key ideas shared by the writer. You also have to note every minor point in the dissertation to check it in a critical way.

Draw an outline

It would help if you construct an outline before starting the evaluation of a dissertation. The outline guides you about the main points you’re going to focus on during the evaluation. Your outline helps you in staying focused on specific points. You may also consider any structure while outlining the evaluation. A standard structure for critical evaluation includes an introduction, body, and conclusion. You may add other important points that fulfil the needs of your structure.

Introduction of the analysis

It is important to introduce your reader to the work you’re going to analyse dissertation topic. You may share the main idea of writer within the evaluation. You may also share the aim, and thesis statement of writer in the introduction. A good introduction to critical analysis consists of three to four sentences. But you can also explain the issue in more sentences if that dissertation is complex. Remember that your introduction must be engaging to attract the reader.

Body of the analysis

According to a dissertation writing service UK, the body of analysis explains key points of the introduction. Two to three paragraphs are common in critical analysis. Each paragraph focuses on a single idea. You have to present the idea through first sentence of the paragraph. And then you should present supporting arguments of this idea. You may also add quotes from the original dissertation to support your claim. You may also add references from other works to strengthen your point. Moreover, the body of analysis must cover both positive, as well as negative sides.

Conclude the analysis

The conclusion part of dissertation topic evaluation includes your perspectives. It must build on your claim in the body of evaluation. It also includes the content of introduction, but in a different manner. The conclusion must be specific. Three to four sentences are enough for concluding the critical approach for evaluation. Your perspective shows your firm belief on the points that you included within the evaluation. Don’t use statements that show that you’re not confident in your points.

Refine the analysis

Don’t ignore the importance of proofreading your critical analysis. It helps in ensuring that your critical analysis is meeting the standards. Remember that you’re doing a critical evaluation of the academic work. So your work must also meet the academic standards. It includes proper references for evidence that you can use to strengthen your point.

Your dissertation must be free from grammatical, and spelling errors too. You also have to read it two to three-times to find other mistakes. You can ask someone else to proofread your work as well. This process increases the effectiveness of your work. These are some steps to do critical evaluation of the dissertation topic. Now you’re going to learn some tips that make your critical analyses better. You can use these tips and improve your work for getting appreciation.

Be concise

You have to be concise for critical evaluation of the dissertation topic. It makes your writing clearer, and effective. It also helps you for persuading your reader in an efficient manner. Remember that you’re not writing a descriptive paper. You are using a critical approach. And it must be to the point for conveying your perspective.

Use logic

You have to use logic to strengthen your critical evaluation. So please don’t ignore it while doing a critical evaluation. You also have to organise your stance in a way that makes sense for the readers. They remain connected with you, and understand the point as you want them to understand it.

Use transitional phrases

Transitional phrases are important to connect the ideas. These words and phrases also create flow within your evaluation.


It would help if you had to cross-reference your work with the outline. Also, it enables you to stay focused on the main idea and knowledge. It improves your critical evaluation skills as well.

Use third person

Try to write the critical evaluation of a dissertation in third person narrative. It shows a sense of authority in your work. The reader does not take your work as subjective opinion if you use this narrative.


Critical writing skill is crucial for students when they have to evaluate dissertation topic. They have to analyse, and examine the work of others to find the best ideas from them. Students have to learn this skill for succeeding in their academic careers. They have to learn the process of writing a good critical analysis paper. Good critical analysis is free from the biases of students. So students have to remember this fact. They have to follow the specified process for doing critical evaluation of any dissertation.


Hey, I’m Chris Greenwalty, a professional author at The Academic Papers UK, based in London, UK. I’m always ready to provide students with unique, high-quality, and reliable dissertation writing service. I’m happy to share his insights with a wide audience, so don’t miss the chance to expand your horizons.

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