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How to properly clean hotel rooms?

We must do hotel room cleaning effectively; Above all, we should seek that the client, upon entering the room, thinks that he has entered a "new" place, or at least totally renovated.

We must do hotel room cleaning effectively; Above all, we should seek that the client, upon entering the room, thinks that he has entered a “new” place, or at least totally renovated.

Professional cleaner with bucket of detergents opening room

But creating that feeling that he was the first door opener in the hotel’s history is not an easy thing to do. They produce it through a lot of discipline and a rigorous cleaning program that each of the collaborators must follow to the letter.

Each hotel has its own ways of creating this atmosphere, but ‌you should first try to carry out the following 4 actions:

Step 1: Open the windows

Cleaning a room properly begins with proper ventilation. By doing this, much more light will be available, and it will be possible to see, for example, if there is something that needs to be handled immediately, such as a spilled drink or food. 

Step 2: Remove debris and bedding

Pick up everything once and for all and leave waste, garbage and clothing where it belongs, either waste (to the garbage) or clothes and towels in the washing or laundry area.

This step is also important to ensure that there is no valuable item that has been forgotten.

Step 3: Clean the Bathroom

If you start with the bathroom, you can save time later, since the mattress and the room are being ventilated.

The tiles should be cleaned first and then disinfectant products should be applied, especially in the toilet to eliminate germs. Then you have to scrub the bathtub, the sink and the screen and dry them properly.

And at the end, clean the mirrors with a sprayer and place new towels.

Step 4: make the bed

Well stretched and under the specifications of the hotel and the policies of each one. The bed is the first thing the client sees (always) that is, why special attention should be paid to it.

After the 4 general steps…

Perhaps the most important thing is coming: what will make the difference and create the customer’s feeling that he is the first to arrive in the room.

Cleaning the floor: the element that will change everything

Sweeping and mopping the floor is the step that closes a series of events or common practices when cleaning a hotel room, but it is important that it is properly done

For this, it is essential to have a professional cleaning team that can scrub this one quickly and efficiently. Especially so that the worker can easily move to the next room without having problems.

Now, there is different equipment that can be used: from scrubbers to vacuums and extractors. Each one can solve different needs. For example:

  •   The scrubber will wash the floor of the room and help you remove stains that need to be cleaned.
  •   The vacuum cleaner will remove dust and mites or bacteria that may accumulate on the upholstery (if any).
  •   The extractor will also clean the upholstery, but in the same way, the air in the room , making ventilation more efficient and in the end, it can be completely sanitized.

What we should use professional cleaning equipment in a hotel room?

Well, that scenario is variable. We should take the amount of flooring into account and the amount of carpet. It is also important to consider if it is enough to open the windows to get the desired ventilation or if the space is enclosed and requires an extractor fan to do the job.

Define that in your cleaning plan. But what you should know is that any option that includes automated systems (machines or equipment) is a step towards increasing productivity and saving considerable time‌. 

We recommend you learn more about our professional cleaning solutions for hotels. Also keep reading:

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