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How to Measure Your Belt Size for a Perfect Fit?

A belt is always an important accessory that is a requirement for every individual. Belts enhance the look of the entire outfit. And if it is a leather belt, then it is a must-buy accessory to enhance any outfit. Formal belts for men and women come in a variety of ranges and if worn properly, it gives a very decent classy look.

Belts are bought in proper sizes. Not every size fits everybody. People choose belts by measuring their sizes. Wrong-sized belts give a very indefinite look and so it makes you feel uncomfortable as well as it will not be a proper fit and will not adjust as well. So, it is necessary to measure your size before purchasing any belt.

Is the Pant Size and the Belt Size the Same?

There is a big no for this. The pant size and the belt size are never the same. The belt size is always larger than the pant size to fix it properly. Generally, people choose to pick the same size as their pant size, and here they go wrong and get an irregular fit and this then makes them uncomfortable.

Rule to Find Out the Correct Size of the Belt:

The belt size should be larger than the pant size. So, there is a general calculation to measure your belt size. The belt size must be two inches longer than the actual pant size. If you are unable to find your measurements correctly, then you can go and measure well-fitting pants which will give you an accurate measurement, and then you add two inches, and you are good to go.

For example;

If the pant size of an individual is 30, then they must buy a belt of 32.


Belt size = Pant size + 2 inches

This calculation gives a correct fit for a person’s outfit. So, it is very much necessary to measure your waist size, every single time you want to purchase a belt.

Ways to Measure the Body for Accurate Belt Size:

Firstly, you need to stand straight in a natural way and in a relaxed manner. Many people are in their stomachs while taking measurements, and here, this should be avoided. To find a correct fit, you must be standing in a normal condition.

Secondly, the measurements are taken in inches and for this, the cloth measuring tape has surrounded the waist, and the number which comes out, that is the pant size and when plus two inches more is added, it comes out to be the belt size.

Way to Measure Belt Size

The size of the belt is not measured from starting to the end, rather, it is measured from the point where the buckle meets the end of the belt till the middle hole of that particular belt. A buckle is not included in the belt measurement as it is just an extra accessory that enhances the overall look of an outfit.


A belt is never an extra accessory rather it is a necessity. Be it, men or women, every person, at least once, needs a belt. There are casual belts for men which can enhance the entire outfit. And not only this, but formal belts also make you look much better. Everything depends on the occasion. It is not that difficult to measure the size of the belt. The only thing to keep in mind is that the belt size is two inches longer than the pant size and you are good to go. Now, you can make your entire outfit attractive by adding just a belt.

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