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Health and Fitness

How to Manage the Symptoms of Epilepsy

There is a form of epilepsy in which the nerve cells in the brain’s regular operation are disrupted, resulting in seizures. Epilepsy may be brought on by an inherited condition or a traumatic or stroke-related acquired brain injury.

A person may act differently, experience odd symptoms or sensations, or even lose consciousness during a seizure. There are not many warning signs in between seizures.

The most popular epilepsy treatments include surgery, medical devices, and dietary modifications.

Epileptic seizures are common among the several “epilepsies” that collectively make up epilepsy.

seizures triggered by epilepsy

Any one of us could experience a single epileptic episode at some point in our lives. Contrary to epilepsy, which is characterized by seizures that start in the brain, this is not the same thing.

Other types of seizures do not start in the brain, despite their similarities to epileptic seizures. Medical conditions including hypoglycemia or a shift in the heart’s rhythm can cause seizures. A youngster who has a fever may experience seizures known as “febrile convulsions” (jerking movements). Epileptic seizures should not be confused with these.

It is possible to be given an epilepsy diagnosis if you have experienced two or more seizures that started in your brain.

NICE recommends visiting a specialist (a doctor trained in recognizing and treating epilepsy) within two weeks if you think you might have epilepsy.

Knowing what occurred before, during, and after your seizures may help with your diagnosis. Before falling, a person typically experiences clammy, cold sensations, and blurred vision. For example, some conditions that lead to fainting resemble epileptic convulsions. On the other hand, epileptic seizures begin suddenly, and a person may not even be aware of it.

What types of therapy are offered?

Epilepsy is commonly referred to be a long-term illness because many people with it live with it for many years, if not their whole lives. Epilepsy cannot yet be “fixed,” despite the fact that seizures can typically be “managed” (put an end to) so that they have little to no impact on a person’s life. As a result, the main objective of treatment is typically long-term seizure control.

Anti-epileptic drugs, or AEDs, are frequently used by people with epilepsy to stop seizures. The two most popular pregabalin dosages for treating epilepsy are pregabalin 50mg and pregabalin 75 mg. There are alternative treatments available if ASM is unable to manage a patient’s seizures.

substitute therapies

Usually, epilepsy is identified after several episodes, at which time only therapy is taken into account. The diagnosis should be made by a specialist, preferably one with experience treating epilepsy. conforming to NICE’s (the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence’s) recommendations

After just one seizure, treatment may be considered in some rare circumstances. This is often only carried out if your doctor thinks there is a strong likelihood that you will continue to experience seizures. If so, they could suggest that you immediately begin counseling.


Anti-epileptic drugs (AEDs), also referred to as anti-seizure medications (ASM), are prescription treatments that control brain electrical activity to lessen or stop seizures. It is not used to manage epilepsy or prevent seizures. ASM works best when taken consistently, at the same time each day. Does epilepsy put me at risk? Up to 70% of patients (7 out of 10) may be able to completely manage their seizures (stop experiencing seizures) with the suitable ASM.

In all aspects of our lives, we take risks, but some are scarier than others. Risk and uncertainty are sometimes associated because they both imply the possibility of something undesirable occurring, such as loss or harm. Pushing oneself and trying something new are two further examples of taking risks. However, risk can also refer to the possibility of experiencing negative health effects, danger, or harm.

The dangers associated with epilepsy differ depending on a number of factors

such as whether you are having seizures right now, what kind of seizures they are, how often they happen, how bad they are, how they affect you, and if you have any other medical conditions like breathing or heart problems. This is because every person’s experience with epilepsy is different.

It may be challenging or scary to consider potential risks to your health and safety. However, if risk analysis identifies ways to lower risk or improve operational safety, it might prove useful. You might experience a greater sense of control and be better able to concentrate on what matters to you as you identify which threats apply to your particular scenario.

Epileptics may also be more vulnerable to other risks, such as accidents, injuries, or disasters. You might be able to keep your freedom and engage in your hobbies if you take risk-management strategies into account.

Your epilepsy may make you feel at ease or it may cause you anxiety or doubts.

Your epilepsy and the choices you’ve made in life could both seem to be serious problems. The treatment for epilepsy is explained in detail on this page. We also cover driving, working, how epilepsy could affect you, getting help, and how friends might be able to help you if you have a seizure. We also talk about sex, drugs, and social activities in addition to these subjects.


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