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How to Install Boiler?

Tips to install Boiler!

The boiler is one of the most used and precious appliances in the house. Called to supply hot water for heating and sanitary use.  It remains in operation for several hours during the day. It follows that its proper functioning is essential for home comfort and for the well-being of the members of each family unit.

Proper operation, however, also depends on a state of the art installation, even before proper maintenance. Its life cycle and consumption depend on the correct installation of the boiler. In the next paragraphs we will see how to install a boiler, who carries out the assembly of the boiler and what are the expected times. For Gutter Cleaner Click here

Where to install the boiler?

The first doubt to be resolved when it comes to installing a new boiler is: where to mount it?

In order to save space and facilitate the extraction of the air useful for combustion. The boilers are usually mounted outside. It differ from gas boilers, do not need direct contact with the environment.

Rules on how to install the boiler:

There are several basic rules for installing a boiler.

  • The first rule is to never place the appliance in a sleeping area. In any case, the boiler must not be in direct communication with the rooms in which you sleep.
  • For boilers installed inside the home it is preferable to choose the kitchen and inside a cover.
    If the boiler is external.  It must be attached to a wall. It  should placed directly on the balcony floor.
  • Even for the outdoors it is advisable to protect it by placing it inside a piece of furniture to cover the appliance. These must be equipped with an opening in its upper area. This precaution is provided for safety reasons, for the safety of the environments and the people who live there.
  • To install a boiler it is essential to follow the instructions provided by the parent company. Within these, for example, it is specified whether it is an outdoor or indoor device. The two peculiarities are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

The careful analysis of the instructions and the opinion of a qualified technician help to dispel any kind of doubt.

How to install a gas condensing Boiler:

A condensing boiler has a better ratio between consumption.  It yield and is decidedly more Eco-sustainable than gas-fired connections with a sealed or open chamber. Only at that point can you start installing the dirt separators. The valves useful for the operation of the appliance.

The gas connection is located in the central area.   In its immediacy.  There is the return of cold water.

To complete everything there is the connection of the heating flow. It also favored by a ball valve. A pipe, known as a condensate neutralizer. For Back flow Testing Consult here

It  must be installed with an upward slope.  Contrary to what happened in the past for traditional boilers. Any water that will enter in the event to flow through the condensate drain pipe.

At the moment, no legislation on filters has yet been enacted. In the sewerage there are therefore detergents that are responsible for neutralizing the acidity of the condensate.

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