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Digital Markting

How To Increase Your Conversions With Lead Nurturing In 2022?

Does your website record visits and you collect a few leads but few of them turn into customers? This article is made for you ! Digital Marketing Agency Mohali we explain how to transform your leads into customers thanks to lead nurturing!

What is lead nurturing?

In English we use the term “nurturing” to say “to grow” or “cultivate” , this image represents the definition of this technique which aims to “cultivate” a prospect to harvest it once ripe and ready for purchase.

In concrete terms, lead nurturing aims to maintain a relationship with your prospects who are not yet ready to buy by communicating information to them to support them in their thinking and lead them to conversion.

How does lead nurturing work?

This procedure is base on several somewhat technical principles that you must know how to master.

Tracking and Retargeting

Which means “tracking” in English, defines a technique that aims to track visitors to your website after they have left your site. Tracking works thanks to the famous “cookies” place on your visitors’ internet browser.

Thanks to tracking, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali you will be able to set up retargeting actions (yes, that’s a lot of “ing” words)

Retargeting allows you to retarget the people you follow using your tracking.

Thanks to it, you will be able to offer your visitors content adapt to their profile.

To “cultivate” your prospects until conversion, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali you will need to be able to identify their maturity for purchase and offer them appropriate content.

It is for this reason that it is necessary to set up a scoring system.

How does scoring work?

There are two types of score:

  • The demographic score:

It allows you to correctly identify the contact to verify that it falls within your targeting criteria.

  • The behavioral score

This is the most interesting in terms of lead nurturing because it allows you to indicate the maturity of the prospect thanks to the actions he takes.

Please note that these two scores are different and do not add up!

One action = One score

The principle will therefore be to give a score for each action carrie out by your prospects. The more important the action, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali the higher the accredit score will have to be.

To determine the score of an action, base yourself on the steps of the conversion funnel:

  • Discovery
  • Evaluation
  • Purchase
  • (Loyalty) that we will talk about another time!

The actions of the discovery stage will have less weight than the actions of the evaluation stage which themselves will have less weight than those of the purchase stage.

For example, you can decide that actions in the discovery stage are worth between 1 and 5 points, SEO Agency Mohali those in the evaluation stage between 6 and 10 points and those in the purchase stage between 11 and 20 points.

Then decide from how many points you consider that they belong to this or that category.

For example :

  1. The discovery stage: between 0 and 20 points
  2. The evaluation stage: between 20 and 40 points
  3. The purchase stage: more than 40 points

Scoring example:

  • Watching a video on the site: +2 points
  • Opening an email with a specific objective: +5 points
  • Clicking on the link: +10 points
  • Downloading a white paper: +15 points
  • Requesting information: +20 points …

The more points the prospect has, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali the more he will be consider “hot” and soon ripe for the purchase.

Set up lead nurturing scenarios

Lead nurturing requires the creation of relevant content that you will offer to your prospects according to their position in the acquisition funnel.

Define content base on funnel stages

  • Discovery

This phase corresponds to the discovery of the problem. The prospect identifies his pain points and becomes aware of the problem he is facing.

The content to be offered in this step must allow your prospect to feel that his problem is understood and give him more information on the causes of his difficulties.

In this phase you can create content that expresses the consequences of the problem and the benefits of solving it.

Type of content recommend:

Blog article, infographics, quantifie studies

  • Evaluation

The evaluation stage occurs when the prospect seeks a solution to his problem and will evaluate the options available to him.

The content to be produce must be informative and help your prospect to clarify his choice by providing him with the criteria to take into account and explaining the solutions available to him.

Type of content recommend:

White paper, podcast, webinars…

  • Purchase

In this stage the prospect knows the products or services that can answer his problem and must decide on the service provider who will provide them.

It is at this stage that it is important to assert your competitive advantage, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali by explaining why your solution is the best.

Recommend content types

Customer testimonials, Case study, Product guide

Communicate content in the right place at the right time with marketing automation

Now that you know what content to provide base on the scoring of your prospects, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali it’s time to automate all of this for effective lead nurturing!

Marketing automation will allow you to plan and order your content to offer it to your prospects at the right time, according to the actions carrie out and thanks to pre- establish scenarios.

By the way, do you know the

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