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How to earn extra money with little to no experience.

With the cost of living rising worldwide, the need to be able to earn some extra money each month is becoming highly desirable. However, not everyone has the ability to pull another career out of a hat – or, for that matter, start earning an acceptable amount of money. 

If this is you, then you might be relieved to learn that rather than sitting there scratching your head, there are several ways in which you could earn some extra money each month alongside your existing job role. These could have you earning as quickly as the end of your first week of trying, even with little to no experience.

1. Selling pre-loved items online

The best way to start earning extra money if you are looking to start selling pre-loved items online is to sort through your own things and sell the items that you have no use for or do not use. In particular, clothes, handbags, and jewelry are good items to start with along with any items of tech. it is a good idea to research your items thoroughly before you list them to make sure that you are providing as much information as you can and are asking for a competitive price.

2. Delivering items 

There are a few different ways to approach the prospect of delivering items, either in your spare time or in a more full-time role. The first is to distribute leaflets and promotional products for local companies, though you may find that this is a very ad-hoc way of earning money and it is far from regular work. 

The other is to become a delivery driver and source your own work, putting you more in control of your workload. There are websites where you can go to gain shipping work which will help you to find driving jobs. These are sites where delivery jobs are listed by companies and individuals with items waiting to be shipped, don’t be fooled into thinking that these are purely for large delivery firms to access or that every load is going to be at least a pallet worth as there are jobs for single items available too.

3. Dog walker

With so many people having to work longer hours in order to afford the cost of living, you will find that there are a lot of dogs having to forgo at least one of their daily walks. This is where you can offer your time to take these beloved pets for a spot of exercise, leaving their overworked owners one less job to think about, as well as the niggling guilt that they should be walking their dog when they get off work instead of relaxing at home. 

You will probably have to take out some insurance to protect yourself should you lose control of the dog while you are out and about or should it cause an accident or bite someone. Hefty lawsuits are most definitely real and if you find yourself uninsured when an incident happens, you could end up more than just out of pocket.

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