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How to Deal with Exam Stress – 7 Helpful Tips from Experts

Exam stress is real, and many students suffer from it. No doubt, a little stress, and worry are normal when you enter the exam hall and can even help you perform better. However, the situation can get real ugly real quick if you feel too depressed and anxious during the exam season. It stops you from performing well on your assessment. You sit in the exam hall with a blank mind, getting stuck on each question and not knowing what to do. This can build up tremendous stress in your body, so much so that it even affects your sleeping and eating habits.

Do you relate to any of these feelings?

Are you worried exam stress and anxiety is taking over your life?

Is it stopping you from performing well academically?

If yes, you need help.

However, you are not the only one who suffers from such feelings. Many students are in the same boat. Good news! There are steps one can take to make things better.

This blog highlights some important and helpful tips to help you during exam season. Follow these tips, and you will see a marked reduction in your exam anxiety. You will also be able to perform better in your exams.

1. Breathe

You have no idea how much positive impact simple breathing exercises can bring to your life. You should set aside a few minutes each day to practice mindfulness and follow some breathing exercises. It helps bring down your stress levels and helps calms the mind and body. Breathing can also help you bring your attention back to the present. This allows you some extra time to ponder what triggers your anxiety and how you can bring it under control. You will also be able to think rationally rather than emotionally and keep your emotions in check. Breathing exercises are also known to rid a person of any thought patterns affecting their performance. It gives you the energy to deal with the exam stress and doesn’t let it impact your performance.

2. Follow a Healthy Routine

Most of the students these days complain of not having enough time. People expect too much from them, making them work round the clock. Their routine becomes even tougher when they enter the exam season. Many students pull all-nighters in a bid to learn as much as they can so they can perform well on their exams. They survive on a poor diet and don’t give much attention to their health. They are mostly confined to their rooms or the library with minimal movement.

Do you know all these things can trigger your anxiety?

You need to bring your body to its optimal performance level if you want your mind to follow suit. So, you need to get 8-9 hours of sleep each night. Similarly, as students, you should focus on eating healthy and avoiding junk food. Your diet should consist of slow-release carbs, so your energy levels don’t drop during the middle of the day.

Finally, you should try and cut down on your caffeine intake and replace it with water or other healthy drinks. Add exercise to your daily routine. You don’t necessarily have to do high-intensity training. Even a 15-minute walk will be great for bringing the energy levels back to your mind and body. It lets you release any stress and anxiety that has been building up because of the exams.

3. Don’t Set Unrealistic Goals

Do yourself and favour, and don’t set any unrealistic and unachievable goals for yourself. Everyone knows their limits. They know what they are capable of. Therefore, it is crucial to set realistic goals for yourself when preparing for exams and taking them. Whether you have only a few hours left in the exam or still several weeks, you should chalk out a realistic plan and follow it. This will help you put everything into perspective. You will be more ready to accept your situation and work within your limits. This will maximise your productivity, and you will also not be at the risk of burning out.

4. Try Group Study

Do you know revising with friends or peers is one of the most effective study techniques? It helps you retain information in a much better way than if you were studying alone. Group study helps students absorb knowledge and retain it. There are also many emotional benefits associated with studying with others. You will have the social support of your friends and will not feel alone. This will improve your confidence and make you more autonomous.

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5. Don’t Paniclaw paper

Many students panic when they are in the exam season. They even have panic episodes during and even after taking the exam. It is very common among students. Do you also experience a similar situation when taking an exam? If yes, you should work on improving yourself. Follow these steps in case you think you have a panic attack:

  • Take at least six deep breaths
  • Get something to drink
  • Get back to the problem at hand

Once you are back at the problem, you should break it down into smaller, manageable chunks. You need to keep in mind that there is a rational solution to every problem. You may not see it at first because you are in panic mode. But, you may see a way out as soon as you relax and think logically.

6. Stay Confident and Believe in Yourself

Everyone faces numerous challenges in their lives. However, we often fail to look back at our journey and see where we started. You will notice you have come a long way from where you began. You have already achieved a lot. Getting into a university is not easy. Making sure you get your work done and submit your assignments on time is not something everyone can do. Therefore, never think of yourself as a failure.

Now coming to exams, you don’t need to worry if you have given your best in preparation. Let go of all the negative thoughts polluting your mind. Replace these with positive and happy thoughts. Don’t stop believing in yourself at any point in life. Tell yourself you will be proud of yourself no matter what grade you get on this exam. It isn’t the end of the world. You can still do better in other courses even if you don’t score well in this one course. You can do this! Don’t be too hard on yourself.

7. Get Help

Student life is not easy. There is so much work that needs completion that an average student finds it difficult to get them done on time. Feel free to take help if you struggle with something. Remember, there is always someone who can assist you with something you have problems with. You just need to find them. Many law students complain of not getting good grades because they didn’t have the time to work on their assignments. You can always get law assignment help online. Many law essay writing services offer cheap law essays for students. You can get their help and use the extra time to prepare for your exams. This will help you submit your work on time and also help you overcome your exam anxiety.

Exam season is never easy for any student. It comes with its struggles and hardships. However, you don’t need to get into panic mode as it will only lead to trouble. Panicking will make it even more difficult to focus on the task at hand. So, you need to relax and give yourself some space. Then, follow the tips mentioned above to improve your performance and control your exam anxiety. Remember, nothing is more important than your mental health and physical well-being. Although parents, teachers, and society sometimes make us believe that grades are everything, they are not! So, eat healthy, stress not, and do your best. And if taking care of yourself means taking a break, do it!

Good luck!

Anna Stanley

Anna Stanley is one of our most experienced and expert writers. She has a PhD in criminal law and practices with many experienced lawyers. She has a knack for writing and uses her writing abilities to help students. She is an expert in writing research papers and dissertations. Our clients specifically ask for her when they need help with a difficult topic. Meryam is a mother of a 4-year old girl. She lives with her partner and a cute 5-year-old daughter in London.

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